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Interrupting the Dream run

The dreams are still running but distorted lately, I’m not in the stress mode of trying to get to work or deal a game, although Jennifer Harman, my ex-husband poker player, and a few others are popping into the dreams, they’ve taken on a different texture lately.  But in the meantime, the dreams of thousands of others are kicking off tomorrow in Las Vegas as the WSOP brings the pros, wannabes, newbs, and everything in between into Sin City.

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Damn government!

I must not be the only one that ever wonders WTF the feds were really accomplishing when they shut down online poker to the masses. And I must not be the only one that feels I possibly could have started to glean a nice little weekly stack from grinding online. And it’s possible I would score in tournaments too. I feel I got cheated in more ways than one by the U.S. government over the years and online poker is, once again, at the top of the “Linda-got-cheated” stack. Continue reading Damn government!

Hearts and flowers

Another Valentine’s Day is about to close the chapter on making your BF/GF or mate or mom or dad or kid or someone out there feel special. How did it go? I’ve been single for so long I can’t help but wonder what the fuss is all about. If you love someone, want to be with them, want to make them happy, then it should be a project for 365 days of the year. Continue reading Hearts and flowers

Checking in – and PokerStars buys Full Tilt Poker!

I’m going to experiment with a new approach to blogging. Getting out a bottle of wine, toasting off a coupla glasses, and then stumbling to the computer and blindly searching out this page to start scribbling again – on a weekly basis. Like…maybe 2-3 times a week. Keep in mind that my best blogging (IMHO) is done when I’m pissed or have a point to make. Since I no longer deal to the butt-tards of high limit (thank you GOD!), the posts may be a confused jumble of WTF! But…I need to start somewhere and stay with it. If I don’t, I may as well seal the door on Table Tango. I opt to keep the door open for now. Continue reading Checking in – and PokerStars buys Full Tilt Poker!