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Interrupting the Dream run

The dreams are still running but distorted lately, I’m not in the stress mode of trying to get to work or deal a game, although Jennifer Harman, my ex-husband poker player, and a few others are popping into the dreams, they’ve taken on a different texture lately.  But in the meantime, the dreams of thousands of others are kicking off tomorrow in Las Vegas as the WSOP brings the pros, wannabes, newbs, and everything in between into Sin City.

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Updating PokerStars WBCOOP

The night that I took first place, I can only recall one hand where I got really lucky. But he got lucky first. Then I got relucky when it counted. Of course I heard about it because we were stuck at 10 handed – two tables – for frigging ever. Two short stacked players kept managing to win the low, or the high, and hang on to a few chips, and we were hand for hand, I didn’t time it but I think that went on for an hour and a half. The whole thing took around 9 hours or so to play down and exhaustion was at an all time high for me since I get up early. Continue reading Updating PokerStars WBCOOP

PokerWorks’ Family Tournament

and a bit more.  We had a nice turnout of eight players.  Nonsensible joined us after a long absence – and ClearSpine made it.  Nice!  Charlie (ccmac) showed up but he was too late to get in.  I was drastically ill.  I made it to 3rd due to the good graces of the Card Fairy being on vacation.  This is how it played down:

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Let’s Talk Poker

It’s everywhere.  You can’t find a bare spot on the poker reporting shelves and every little scent of news becomes big news – even if it’s not newsworthy – and ends up on the web, in a magazine, in a newspaper, or a blog.  Go figure that once all of the bad beats have had the shit beat out of them by airing them everywhere – and hand history reports are pasted, posted, discussed – what else is there to talk about that hasn’t been aired?  Not much…the next new tournament that’s springing up in outer JunkVille? Continue reading Let’s Talk Poker

The Tournament I got knocked out of

when Hughes.net shut down my satellite stream to a trickle is kinda sad in a way.  I probably shouldn’t have even went back to find out where I placed but I did.  I had over 5K in chips when I went into the dead zone.  There were 1014 of us and I finished in 207th place.  Then I checked to see what my last hand was…Aces…No KIDDING!  Of course you just get auto folded out of the hands when you are sitting out.   Continue reading The Tournament I got knocked out of