You just made the list

It’s Sunday night to the rest of the world but in my corner it’s Friday. I’ve worked 8 hours a day for the last 4 days and I’m really looking forward to 2 days off . . . one more shift to go and it starts in a $1-5 7-Card stud game. Those boys are gambling and there’s hardly a pot under $60.00. They’re laughing and having fun . . . even when they lose . . . what a nice way to start my day.

I move on down the line, through $3-6 Holdem, $6-12 Holdem, $75-150 7-Card Stud, $40-80 Holdem and then through 3 $20-40 Holdem games. Pretty much run of the mill in all of these games, just shuffle up and deal, push the pots, “blinds/antes please,” deal the next hand and listen to a few whines and chuckles while I’m doing it.
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The Best Game in Town

There’s a rumor going round that the best game in town is by invitation only. They screen and
You have to have cash and be willing to lose. They feed you and cater and keep your glass filled with booze

You think it’s a sin that they take advantage. You can have a fit and fly off in a rage.

The best defense to that line of attack is to host your own game in the garage out back.