Project City Center III

Check back on the beginning of the Project City Center photos here. See the newest update here. The city within a city is beginning to show foundation…lots of it. I was out cruising the heat filled streets when I decided to veer offinto the employee parking area off of the Strip onto Harmon. The entry was open but I was stopped immediately by a female security guard. A green plastic something or other covers all the chain link fence around the construction area and it’s impossible to tell what’s on the other side of it. But once through the gate, it was easy to tell I wasn’t supposed to be there. While she was throwing up her arms, I was already rolling down the window and showing her my employee ID. I just wheeled in and turned around and headed for Monte Carlo Drive – that would take me back to Frank Sinatra Blvd. and the employee parking garage. Continue reading Project City Center III

Blogs, readers, and everything in between

The fine part of being a poker blogger is that people read you. Some of them read because they want to know more about the world of poker. Some of them read because they want to know if you’re writing something about them, especially if you’re writing something bad. That ‘bad’ part always cracks me up. What if you’re writing about what they do, say, or how they act? It could be bad but that part is dictated by them, not by the writer. For example, Phil Hellmuth had a few stellar moments in his Day 1B showing at the $10,000 buy-in tournament. And, I heard from a reliable source, that when he went bust and the announcer told the room, everyone in the room applauded. So the truth is that his behavior is bad, it’s not that someone is writing ‘bad’ things about him. There are a zillion more stories about other players just like that one. ‘Name Brand’ players just get more press when they act like butt heads. Continue reading Blogs, readers, and everything in between

Mass Marketing and the WSOP

We’re the mass. Let me back track for a moment. I haven’t been to the Rio since Wednesday, I believe. That was the day after the Vanilla doodlie-doo on Tuesday. I survived all that and just couldn’t find the energy to drag myself out into the heat. But that’s all I’ve done this week, is drag myself out into the molten lava air that swirls around me when I step outside. Ugh! I don’t know how day time people deal with getting up every day and going out into the hot car, fade the traffice, and then climb back into the damn hot car to make their next journey in the game plan of the day. Just think, they could be sitting in an air conditioned room, playing poker. Continue reading Mass Marketing and the WSOP

WPBT – July 8, 06 – Caesar’s Palace III

Ha! I made it back to the shindig post. I managed to escape on a couple of hands during the tournament. One where I held 10-10 on the Button. Chilly raised it – Rachel raised it, I thought about it for a moment, then folded, for all the wrong reasons because I thought she had a big pair, but as it turned out, I made the right decision to not go busted or become injured in chip count with this hand. Chile had 8-8, Rachel turned over A-Q off and hit a Queenon the Turn. Whew! I did pick up K-K once and won a big pot. Continue reading WPBT – July 8, 06 – Caesar’s Palace III

Fast forward – or two steps back?

I’d like to jump start my brain somewhere in the middle of everything that’s going on, that way I could miss half of what has happened, and have the knowledge tucked away that would move me forward into the next step of the plan that never was. That’s how I feel. I had a plan…or did I? Maybe I didn’t. And if Plan A fails, aren’t you supposed to be ready to move to Plan B? Kee-rist! NO SUCH ANIMAL! Continue reading Fast forward – or two steps back?


From the film ‘Hook’. I love that movie. What incredible fantasy and fun. Dustin Hoffman, “No stopping me this time Smee. This is it. Don’t make a moveSmee, not a step. My finger’s on the trigger. Don’t try to stop me Smee. This is it. Don’t try to stop me this time Smee! Don’t try to stop me this time Smee! Don’t you dare try to stop me this time Smee – try to stop me! Smee better get up off your ass. Get over here Smee. Come on Smee,do you think this is all a joke? I’m committing suicide!”The only part I didn’t like was when Rufio died. But the overall of the movie? Loved it! It’s like the WSOP this year. It’s BANG-O-RANG! Continue reading Bang-o-rang!

Lest old friends be forgotten

The Pan Crew hasn’t been around to hang out on weekends for quite awhile. Marie and Gary are still back in Iowa, somewhere, although recent phone calls have disclosed that they are doing a little traveling in a new- 20 something footer -Class C motor home that they bought recently. They were ‘RVrs’ for nine years so it’s not a new experience for them, they just decided to sell their motor home a few years ago and switch back and forth between a home in Iowa and a home in Vegas. Sure wish they were here to hang out now but they aren’t due back until October sometime. Continue reading Lest old friends be forgotten

The Media Thingy – WSOP

Some of this reverts back to yesterday’s post. I saw Pauly in the hallway, he was talking to Kristin and April by now. I took a picture of him, he looked like a retard when I snapped the shot. I told him so. He tried to argue but lost the argument when Suzanne Bourne appeared and said he did. (Suzanne used to work at Bellagio with me). It really was such a crappy picture of him that I won’t put it up…maybe I’ll give it to him next WPBT tourney. This one of him is worth spreading across the internet: Continue reading The Media Thingy – WSOP

Back to the Rio

There is so much going on at the Riot…er…ahhh…Rio that one has to wonder what the level of patience, peace of mind, and tolerance is for each player that’s involved in playing in a satellite or in an event – not that I’m undercutting the ring game player in this picture. Themagic of the WSOP has disappeared. There is nothing orderly, organized, or sane about the platform of the biggest poker event of the year. One has to wonder if there is any upper level management, and if there is, do they have any control over what is happening in levels of management below them. I won’t even begin to go into some of the horror stories that are unfolding, if you’re curious, there are newsgroups and other places on the internet that will give you an idea of the mass mayhem. One of the best places to check for daily reports and news is PokerNews. Continue reading Back to the Rio