The Pan Game plays Treasure Island

Marie’s pick was Treasure Island for our weekly ‘meet and try to beat each other’s brains out’ as we visit and enjoy each other’s company. It was also her pick for Sunday night instead of Saturday due to some football game here in Vegas that she HAD to go see. Fine! No one objected, as a matter of fact a few people thought we should do it on Sunday every week instead of Saturday. That’s pretty much fine with me too. Continue reading The Pan Game plays Treasure Island

Where is the Escape Hatch?

There appears to be no way out of Disney Land. The crowds are there, the noise is off the charts, the heat is never ending, the mass of bodies fill every seat and walkway between tables and becomes a human door at all entrances and exits to the room. In other words – this kid is losing it! Have I ever told you how much I hate tournaments? Continue reading Where is the Escape Hatch?