New time for the PWorks Tourney

We’ve changed the time – 22:30 ET, but not the stakes $5 + $.50, nor have we put a lid on the fun or insane chat.  Please join us at PokerStars, the easiest way to find the tournament is to go to ‘private’ – scroll down to November 29th – look at 22:30 ET – PokerWorks Family.  Or you can search by tournament # 216853883 and the password is still ‘donkeys.’  See you there!

Project City Center

I used to have a link from Wikipedia that went to my Project City Center posts.  Of course someone in the editing mode removed it because knowing what the whole thing looked like before the project began, seeing it in all phases as buildings were blown up/imploded and removed, and watching it grow from dirt up with a view that the common person couldn’t get, was way too much information for the editing fingers at Wikipedia.orgContinue reading Project City Center

Another PokerWorks HORSE Tourney

has come and gone.  And MOI didn’t win.  As a matter of fact, I was first out.  Our little group of regulars is missing a key ingredient, Mr. GoodPlayer himself hasn’t been able to make it other than once in the last few months.  J.B. the superuser doesn’t attend anymore and we seem to never pick up a new face unless Andrew brings his friends in and personally, I can’t help but LMAO at the chat that goes on between them.  Continue reading Another PokerWorks HORSE Tourney

The final two

I do have a lot to add – like pictures of Project City Center, words about the 9 playing down, going to Doyle Brunson’s Book signing (yuppers, I got an autographed copy), being tired, being sick, having dinner with two of my boys, and a slew of other things but right now I’m watching Darvin Moon and Joe Cada in the battle of the green felt.  I’ll catch up later.

It’s 11PM

I want to be in my sweet little Sleep Number bed, tucked under the covers, toasting off to sleep.  Instead I’m still sitting in the ‘press box’ with 7 players left at the WSOP Main Event Final Table.  I could load up everything and walk across the street to the Gold Coast and tuck under the covers on a bed that is pretty damned comfortable, and I may be forced to if 5 of these people don’t give up their quest for the title before 2 or 3 a.m.  My trusty writer Jennifer Newell is here recording the action and will write updates for the main page of PokerWorks so my butt is covered.  Problem is, it’s my brain that is feeling bare right now, not my butt. Continue reading It’s 11PM