The end of PokerStars WBCOOP

The main event found me at the table with Dramaturg, the player that ended up winning the Leaderboard Contest but not the championship event.  I managed to give him a good start on the whole thing.  The first hour or so of the tournament I picked up chips, only to give away a huge amount of them when I picked up 10-10 and he called my raise with Ace and – I think it was an 8 but not sure now of spades.  He had fritzed back and forth with some offbeat hands and for some reason I went into brain lock and just couldn’t give him an Ace…dipshit…MOI! Continue reading The end of PokerStars WBCOOP

Updating PokerStars WBCOOP

The night that I took first place, I can only recall one hand where I got really lucky. But he got lucky first. Then I got relucky when it counted. Of course I heard about it because we were stuck at 10 handed – two tables – for frigging ever. Two short stacked players kept managing to win the low, or the high, and hang on to a few chips, and we were hand for hand, I didn’t time it but I think that went on for an hour and a half. The whole thing took around 9 hours or so to play down and exhaustion was at an all time high for me since I get up early. Continue reading Updating PokerStars WBCOOP

Someone’s guilty of not being here

I’m sure it’s me.  Of course with my absence, no one ever stops by to read either, and why would they?  Nothing new, nothing exciting, no anger spewing poker dealing tales, or philosophical rambling thoughts, or answers to the questions of the universe, just plain old daily living like most of the rest of the world spends their days.  UGH!  Did I just spell out boredom or some such nonsense? Continue reading Someone’s guilty of not being here

Back to Sin City

This will be my third trip in in a week.  Pee-U!  I have to go back for results of the tests I had done last week, although the initial outcome is all positive – if you can call aging UNGRACEFULLY positive.  So this is short, not too sweet, but it is what it is – and I’ll be back soon with more updates of life in the sticks, and some online poker, and my sick and jaded views.  Check back.

“Linda, Linda…”

I woke up.  It was over.  YUMMY!  I survived the gallon of Miralax cocktails that had to be drank in about an hour and a half – I was thinking I’d have to puke there at the end but managed not to – the night of the day before was a miserable little bitch as anyone that has gone through this can attest to.  No food for the full day, drink clear fluids, then chug stuff to make you stay almost surgically attached to the porcelain throne, etc., etc.  A totally miserable night where you sleep like shit and hit the throne more than once and then off in the early AM to go through the procedure.  I was really happy to be put out, no pain, no stomach distress, no exhausted feeling, and when they were calling me to wake up, I really didn’t want to.  Sleep was wonderful and I finally felt warm, there place was freezing and it was 32 degrees when we fired up the steed at 5:30AM for the trip. Continue reading “Linda, Linda…”

The day before the day before

Tomorrow’s the trek into Vegas – and I’m hitting a piercing shop somewhere.  I’ve had several recommendations from George of  The High Priestess Piercing shop in Eugene Oregon but so far they’ve been a wash.  Then it’s off to enjoy the miralax cocktails and live in the toilet, before I hit the ambulatory service for the upper GI and colonoscopy which is the day after which makes this the day before the day before. Continue reading The day before the day before