Hold Your Nose and Curl into a Ball as You Jump

There’s more to life than a virus that isn’t even really a virus. Hey, don’t take my word for it. I’m just going with what I read on the internet.

In my corner of the world my time schedule simply isn’t. There are no ups and downs, gotta be there, need to make sure this is done or that is taken care of or any of the things that seem so hectic and important when the world is running on a time schedule. Right now the most mind boggling event on my horizon is trying to figure out the new options in Word Press.

I host Table Tango at Go Daddy as a ‘managed’ Word Press site and since I’ve stayed away far longer than I should have, I’ve never had to make any changes to the site to keep up-to-date with the presentation of the pages, etc. Since the beginning of Table Tango the driving motivation for content changed a number of times. Firing it back up and keeping it fueled shouldn’t be problem…it’s just going to run on my day-to-day life and what sparks my interest at the time. Do look for some mixed in thoughts of experiences of my past, copy/paste from the internet, opinions of friends and family, pictures, and a lot more…coupled with walking straight into the future.

I live 70 miles out of Las Vegas on a little patch of desert just off of a big patch of desert that leads to Death Valley. We have gone through several bouts of rain in the last few weeks which leads to the arrival of weeds. And along with the weather warming up, spring is here. I do love this part of it!

Yellow Banks Rose

The Yellow Banks Rose is vined and entwined through the 6 foot chain link fence and on up into a fruitless mulberry tree. It’s almost like an overnight explosion of rose buds, blooms, and within a few days, it’s all over until next year. I’ve planted about 55 Yellow and White Banks rose bushes along the fence line and spent hours weaving the vines through the chain link. The yellows are thornless, the whites are real gutrippers with some of the thorns being over a quarter of an inch.


This child was started from one pod picked up at the Kentucky Fried Chicken lot three years ago. In the coming week it will have blooms all over it as evidenced by the small buds popping up now. The cactus is about 6 feet wide and 3 feet high. Out of the 200+ trees, bushes, and vines I’ve planted on the property this is the only cactus.

Interrupting the property/plant/tree/vine/bloom/thorn thing. I received notice today in the mail that I am ‘laid off’ by Golden Gaming. We’re all hoping for a sooner than later return to work date but at this point, I’ll just be hanging out at home indulging in my favorite past time. ESO – Elder Scrolls Online.

Quarantine entertainment center, with dust included.

It’s time to play while the new pup sleeps…she’ll be introduced tomorrow. G’nite from the desert!

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