Lose or win – A Poem

If we should share a Lover’s Kiss

a moment caught in time.

Would we someday reminisce,

our thoughts, our futures still entwined?

Or would we go our separate ways

for once we crossed the line,

destroyed all 2 friends could share,

those moments lost and always missed,

because we shared a Lover’s Kiss?

Zeeduk’s first time

What if you’re a first time visitor to Earth? Your name is Zeeduk and you landed in Las Vegas and you’re in the back of a taxi . . . which is screaming through the streets, racing through red lights and switching lanes so fast that your little, alien neck is almost snapped off. You, of course, have incredible vision and memory retention and are well versed on our language and definitions.

The first sign you see is WINNERS EAT FREE! Whoopee!! Oh yeah, first you have to win. If you’re losing, just head on back home with an empty stomach.
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Burn and turn

Did you know she’s a dealer?

No! I thought she had a real job.

She’s so quiet. Never has any company and seems to keep to herself. I knew she worked at night but . . . who would’ve ever thought? I’ve lived next door to her for years and didn’t know.

People who spend their lives burning and turning aren’t all bad. Some of them are very good. Good at their jobs and good at disassociating themselves from that atmosphere after they leave their jobs and change out of their penguin costumes, you know – black and whites. They even pay their bills and live in real houses, raise children and continue their education. They don’t even have to be force fed to survive. Imagine that…real people!
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Explanation Poker

I should’ve known when you couldn’t figure out how to take time out of the pot that I couldn’t win. They should’ve blown up all of the Dunes’ dealers with the place. Instead they dusted them off and sent them over here.

What did you have? I only called because you checked on the turn. I was pretty sure that you didn’t have aces because you didn’t raise before the flop and you checked the turn.
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The Hand That Feeds You

What if you spent all of your time on the table in board games? You watched all the plays…all the bad hands…all the bad players…the good players…the dealers…the lights, fans, and televisions overhead…the cocktail servers and chip runners and brush when they came into view…you were passed around and around and touched by thousands of hands…sometimes caressed…sometimes bounced…sometimes in boastful arrogance someone states, “I’m the button!” Well you know they aren’t…they’re referring to having you in front of them…giving them the best position in a hand.
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