Poker-minus brain cells-minus BR=

some sort of insanity. I’ve had some bad runs before but this one is close to topping the charts. Of course I’m a donkey, there was never a doubt. I’m sure I pitch hands that I should be charging into the pot with, I see others do it and they win, but I’m in the run where nothing I throw away would drag the chips. That did change on one hand yesterday, but it was brief mistake made by the Card Fairy as she tried to lure me into playing ATC when I was desperately trying to make the $ in a $2.20 180 man turbo SNG. I would have made a FH with 8-6 off had I cared to dump the last of my chips into the pot UTG. I didn’t. I did make the $ and got back a win of around $2. Continue reading Poker-minus brain cells-minus BR=

Life in the Slow Lane

I think I’m there. Life isn’t slow for me however. I have a continual run of things to do but not too many places to go. Except yesterday I had several stops to make around town and managed to accomplish all in about a 3 hour time span. Pahrump is pretty damned big, not congested with traffic and people streaming across the streets but BIG, sprawling, everything is spread out without a central downtown type of core. Continue reading Life in the Slow Lane

Sandpoint Idaho

Round Lake State park, the trip North, the family reunion, whatever name it should be tagged under, it was definitely an event. This year, for some reason that I can’t put my finger on, it was different. It was fun and everyone had a good time and we played poker for three days, but yet it was just different…the feel of the whole thing seemed more like it was geared to neutral than in years past. Continue reading Sandpoint Idaho

The dull roar

Either I haven’t been home long enough or I’m just a lousy time manager because I’m still a bit time stressed and have too much to do. I wonder about people that go home from work and ‘kill time’. How? Time doesn’t need to be killed, it spins off relentlessly, taking its toll on everything, and eventually kills us. Continue reading The dull roar


I pulled into Vegas around 3 p.m. Had things to pick up at the old digs and had to see my buddy Riot. He had a tiz because he couldn’t come to grandmom’s today. I made the new digs by around 6 and managed to get level, unhitched, hooked up, and I’m not even crawling. I think I died a few hours ago. Sure there are gaps that need to be filled in. check back.