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A bloggery weekend in Vegas

Two days ago I started resizing and ‘de-red eyeing’ the pictures taken at the WPBT event held at Caesars Palace on the 12th, it took F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  Yesterday I started uploading to the PokerWorks server, that was a real time eating bitch too slice of pie that I did intermittently between reading and sending emails, editing articles for PokerWorks and a few other sites that my team supplies articles to for PokerNews LTD.  BTW, have I ever publicly stated what a great writing team I work with?  They are the best!!!! Continue reading A bloggery weekend in Vegas

Notes of Interest

The first notable, most interesting topic of the day is the finale of the PokerWorks H.O.R.S.E. tournament played last night on PokerStars – we switched from the 8 Game Format back to H.O.R.S.E. and it was amazing how much faster it played down than the 8 game.  We had 8 players and it was perfect, we were all seated at the final table.  There appeared to be some sort of glitch at registration though and none of us know the answer as of yet.  We had just started and had one seat open and it disappeared from view, as if we’d had a player there and they’d gone busto. Continue reading Notes of Interest

Wedding Day – Poker Bloggers Unite

“We’re goin’ to the chapel and we’re gonna get mar-r-r-i-e-d…”  So it was to be for Gracie and Sweet Pablo.  Yours truly was still feeling pretty much like shit – as referenced in the last post – and I wish it was a hangover because then I would have a reason to feel that way.  I woke up on the 13th, knowing it was my sweet Kayanna’s 12th birthday and sent out a few phone calls and a text message to Gracie asking what the plan was.  She replied to meet at the taxi stand at the front of the MGM at noon or the courthouse at 12:30.  Continue reading Wedding Day – Poker Bloggers Unite


Starting the update, means pictures taking forever, but all it costs is my time, so here goes. I made it to the Blogger meet at the MGM for mixed games on Friday night.  I have to tell you before hand that I’ve spent the last month or so feeling pretty much like shit and it was amplified during the time I was in Vegas so while I enjoyed all the time I had with everyone, I admit to not being quite up to par. I went through the casino to the restrooms when I hit the MGM and spotted Falstaff and his sis Betty playing some ring-ding slot game.  We visited for a moment before I headed on…ultimate goal, the poker room. Continue reading Bloggers

The Bloggers are coming to town

and so am I.  I’ll be heading out tomorrow a.m., with bag packed, and spend Friday and Saturday in a hotel in Las Vegas.  It seems a bit strange, to have a house there, an RV that I live in 70 miles away, and still go in to stay in a hotel…just like a real blogger does when they hit this event every year.  *Hey, imagine me being real*

Continue reading The Bloggers are coming to town

More of my Blogging buddies and buddettes

I did snag a few pictures, even though they were snorty/snotty about it from management side. I posted in the PokerWorks forum about the first hand I won in the blogger tournament, mainly because I do like to have input from people on playing, especially since I’m trying to develop my online skills for the Chasing Chris project. And because I’m serious about improving my play…really, really. Continue reading More of my Blogging buddies and buddettes