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Project City Center

I used to have a link from Wikipedia that went to my Project City Center posts.  Of course someone in the editing mode removed it because knowing what the whole thing looked like before the project began, seeing it in all phases as buildings were blown up/imploded and removed, and watching it grow from dirt up with a view that the common person couldn’t get, was way too much information for the editing fingers at Wikipedia.orgContinue reading Project City Center

More on Project City Center

It’s kind of looking like a city, but not. It’s definitely outgrowing every thing around it. And picture taking isn’t as easy, nor interesting really. The Cosmopolitan now blocks a lot of the view from Bellagio’s parking garage and the structures are obviously much higher than the employee parking garage so the best views of it are from a distance. And yes, I could access the upper floors of the employee parking garage for a few photos – and may at some point – but most of it would be just looking at the side of a building. The panoramic landscape of ‘worker bees’ and machinery everywhere just isn’t there, most of it’s going on inside the buildings now. Continue reading More on Project City Center

Night at Project City Center

It’s night time in Vegas for those that livethe daylight world, it’s my evening and time to do things I enjoy. Like, I signed the E/O-play list when I hit the room tonight. It was my Tuesday, the big tournament event is winding down, the Fontana Lounge was moving into the end of another mass of people, poker, and tournament tales. I did deal one down and that table broke as the tables were combined – actually I dealt one hand, a player went bust, time to combine. Continue reading Night at Project City Center

Project City Center IX

About two weeks later than the normal once a month venture, I tried to figure out if I would go early a.m., just after the sun was peeking over the horizon, or later in the afternoon. Since my sleep schedule has been worse than I can remember it in a long, long time, I opted to sleep in the early a.m. and head out into Sunday traffic and the ‘real world’ filled with people doing tourist things. View previousupdate here. Continue reading Project City Center IX

Project City Center VI

I may give up the Roman numeral system of Project City Center updates. The project is so far ongoing that I may not be able to figure out what the next one is at some point. Ok…now for all of you absolutely brilliant people, you can send them to me in an email or in a comment or send me theURL where I can bookmark it for future reference. Speaking of help, I’m wondering where my possible future husband went to. Marriage proposals, no questions asked, and then *BOOM* nothing. Perhaps someone else caught his eye… Continue reading Project City Center VI