Bellagio’s Conservatory transitions for Christmas

I called Wayne on Wednesday to see if he was willing to trek around Project City Center with me on Thursday. The foolish child accepted. It’s always wonderful to have a good friend to spend an afternoon with – especially when you’re going to spend it walking up and down the Strip and going into parking garages to access the best spots to take pictures from. And then to make it even better, lunch was on the agenda after the trek. Yes, a Project City Center update is coming. But first the Bellagio Conservatory teaser…it’s under construction – but what the hell isn’t in Vegas? The whole damn town does a major change-over every six months or so. Continue reading Bellagio’s Conservatory transitions for Christmas

The Sunday after

Too much food, mainly because MOI is always afraid that there won’t be enough for everyone. We were expecting 14 or so adults, a few kids, and one baby. We had close to that amount but I over did it as usual and my truck driving sis was laughing at me – as usual. Vickie and I have close to the same views on food, MAKE SURE THERE’S PLENTY OF IT, but I always prepare too much. I believe it goes back to always remembering being hungry when I was growing up. That’s a long story and isn’t needed to fill in the blanks. Let me just leave it at the fact that I could never stand it if I cooked a meal and people walked away wondering where the main course was. Continue reading The Sunday after

The great game of poker

I’ve spent more than a few hours playing freerolls on PokerStars and writing about them in Chasing Chris Ferguson. I can’t help but marvel at the fact that this is ACTUALLY a lot of fun. I think I ran out of steam with playing about three years ago but I just failed to stop and make a change. It’s hard to tell where that line is in a lot of things in life, not just in poker. We manage to drift into a rut and just stay there, we grumble-mumble about the dark side of things without ever making a move to figure out how to approach it in a different light, and consequently become jaded and look for a repeat of dismal failures to happen instead of stopping our lemming approach to the cliff of failure. Continue reading The great game of poker

Where was I?

Seems like each day just drifts off without me being able to hang onto it long enough to even know it was there. I thought I was busy before leaving Bellagio…Kee-rist! I never even get close to catching up now. I hate the fact that I run out of time to post here. And exactly what I was sure would happen, when I stopped dealing, did happen…I’m not enmeshed in poker and the drama of the games at the table so my flavor of writing is definitely going through a change. Even as a player, it won’t be the same. I have all the memories, the same pissy brain jabs when I see certain players, but I don’t feel compelled to scream about it here. Life has a way of changing everything. Continue reading Where was I?

The Bright Side of Nothing

Why that title popped into my head – and stayed there – is a mystery. It seems to have the perfect ring to it for a lot of days of our lives. And while I was checking comments on Tango today, I found one that just came in on an old post – the title of this post fits that post and the comment like a second skin. Go take a reading – especially the comment – and ain’t it amazing how many times the poker freaks of the world are allowed to terrorize everyone, including staff and players, before they are sent down the road somewhere to terrorize again and again.

Chasing Chris Ferguson

Jump in and help us girls out. Yup, there’s four of us that are starting the monumental journey of trying to run -0- into a bankroll…one hand at a time…yeah, you know, just like Chris Ferguson did. We figure if a guy can do it, one of us girls can do it. You can track us for at least a year on Chasing Chris Ferguson. With four of us playing and posting, the blog should be damned active, you know how women are…talk, talk, talk. We really want your comments because we’ll be running through the play of some of our hands and your help will be completely appreciated. Please check in often.

CC has left the building

The time has come for CC to move on. It’s his choice and I completely support his move to seek out and destroy everyone’s bankroll in the poker universe. Naw…that’s really not what’s happening. He’s involved in retrospect, life thoughts, life goals, and churning through the rough waters of trying to figure out what we all seem to go through from time to time, where have we been, where are we now, and where the hell are we going with it all.

I bid him safe journey and smooth waters as he pulls his focus and family close and sets his sights on a new course. Thanks for being part of my blogging family, Craig, and for filling PokerWorks with great reading material. I will miss you here but we are always going to stay in contact with each other.