Gaming Licensing Companies

The thought or rather trying to wrap my thoughts around the complexity of trying to understand how the world’s gaming licensing companies originated – who put them together and the governing minds behind them – is bringing up one big blank in how much I trust them or how much faith I have in them.

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A reboot kind of week

I don’t think it started out that way, the reboot I mean.  But somehow it was going to require shutdown and start over a bunch of times for the wrinkles to start to roll out of the system. And then my damn computer didn’t help, the network couldn’t find the printer, the sky was falling, things were crawling – so slow I thought about slowing them up even further with a BIG frigging hammer.  But let’s all take a deep breath while we reboot.  Continue reading A reboot kind of week

Ten Years Ago

I had this to say:

The Death of Peace

Where peace once stood and freedom rang, the people hid, the sky stood gray.

The world was dark, its depth untold, the night had come to stay.

Sorrow ran in molten tears, no children came to play.

Peace had died, mankind slain, on one September day.


Today,  I cannot add anything to what I felt 10 years ago.  Life is sad beyond belief at times.