Night at Project City Center

It’s night time in Vegas for those that livethe daylight world, it’s my evening and time to do things I enjoy. Like, I signed the E/O-play list when I hit the room tonight. It was my Tuesday, the big tournament event is winding down, the Fontana Lounge was moving into the end of another mass of people, poker, and tournament tales. I did deal one down and that table broke as the tables were combined – actually I dealt one hand, a player went bust, time to combine. Continue reading Night at Project City Center


I used to believe that weekends were for resting up and recharging, breathing space and peace and quiet, readying us for the Monday grind; now I believe they are just a horrific whirlwind of events and things that never slow down and catapult us head first into thework week- no helmet. Continue reading Weekends!

Super slacker

There are lots of things to write about but I’m not with the program right now. I hope to be back in full fledged blogging mode over the weekend. Yesterday early a.m. found me in the dentist’s chair having a permanent crown cemented, YIKES! I don’t think the assistant was happy with me at all…but who cares? It’s my mouth, my teeth, my $$. Tuesday found me sitting in a Dr.’s office waiting for a very long time to meet with my Dr. on blood pressure meds, etc. Tomorrow afternoon will find me visiting a Dr. on shoulder pain, arthritis & rheumatism specialist. Don’t you just love it? NO – NO – NO! But I refuse to just lay down and die. Upward and onward, kicking and rebelling, I’m going to get back to being my laughing, relaxed self.

Chantel McNulty

What a kick! I’ve only dealt to her one time, that was posted here, but I’ve visited with her briefly at the WSOP ’06, and at a game she was in last week as I purposely went to say hello to her when I was on a break. I’d been at the page area visiting with a dealer that had just dealt to Chantel. The dealer said there weren’t enough chairs in the room for players, let alone sweaters, and Chantel had an entourage that wanted to sit behind her. I chuckled. I could see the scene now, without even visiting the table, all guys lining up behind Chantel. I went to find her. Continue reading Chantel McNulty

Project City Center IX

About two weeks later than the normal once a month venture, I tried to figure out if I would go early a.m., just after the sun was peeking over the horizon, or later in the afternoon. Since my sleep schedule has been worse than I can remember it in a long, long time, I opted to sleep in the early a.m. and head out into Sunday traffic and the ‘real world’ filled with people doing tourist things. View previousupdate here. Continue reading Project City Center IX