Ash Meadows

and a bit more.  The king of monster role playing and video games (Riot to those of you that don’t know) was managing to shred my last Grannie Calming Stronghold and it was time to get out of the coach.  Picture that no matter what you are trying to do, you hear your name being called every minute and a half, 14 hours a day, because unless you look at the caller, they don’t think your ears work, and the caller must act out everything as you watch – like falling down, leaping into the air, etc.  That’s my boy Riot! Continue reading Ash Meadows around

Some poker, some craziness with life, and more poker.  I have to tell you that I think Scotty Nguyen should be sent somewhere far from the rest of the poker world and live his life out knowing that he’s not good enough to play with anyone.  His attitude sux.  But then it always has.  Don’t just take my word for it, here’s some prime reading and I bet there’s more out there on the internet about his disrespectfully rude ass.  It pains me that Chino Rheem would just GIVE him the title without a fight and how sick is that that Scotty is willing to pay more to get it?  I think Chino should have played him for it, damn it! Continue reading around

This and that

The weather has been intermittent clearing, wind now and then, spitting splatter drops now and then, cloudy now and then, and sunshine – wait five minutes and it changes.  Yesterday afternoon opened the door to sun and a light breeze and it was time to take stir crazy grannie and Riot out into the open air.  We made a trip out towards Death Valley – it’s not far from here – and pulled off road so we could do a mini hike.  Continue reading This and that

The ReAl World

I forgot what it was like to step into an out of Vegas atmosphere bar, a basic biker bar type of thing.  I got to experience it Monday afternoon.  It was a freakin’ gloomy day with dark clouds and rain, wind forcing the rain drops into piercing needles, and the bank of clouds coming across the valley off the mountains foretold of a future with no sunshine or warmth.  Continue reading The ReAl World

Sundays are….

That’s a real can of worms isn’t it?  Sundays can be so much to so many.  Online poker players generally see it as huge poker tournaments at some of the best online poker sites in the world. It is a day of big guaranteed tournaments and cheap ways to get there, a day of playing the PokerWorks H.O.R.S.E. tournament (bi-weekly), a day of slumming and bumming at the computer and having your family cook for you and cater to your food-a-holic wishes…and make sure your HORSE tournament opponents know you are getting the good grub while you are playing.  Sorry about that, I was just thinking about the fresh garlic knots and wishing I had some. Continue reading Sundays are….


We are born – we live – we die!  Such a simple concept.  At the end of our lives, as the mainstream of humanity rushes on by, we are simply a statistic, sometimes recorded in health studies, sometimes recorded in the pages of history, but in most cases we are simple bodies that go about the task of every day survival until we become a statistic. Continue reading More

The HORSE – and more

It’s time to start thinking HORSE…the gigantic tournament that our loyal group of players and PokerWorks Family likes to beat each other up play every other Sunday evening.  We’d love to have you come out and join in the battle, chat it up, and hopefully enjoy playing mixed games with us.  All the particulars:  Password – donkeys; time – 21:00ET; where – PokerStars; date – Sunday, February 8, 2009; cost – $5. + $.50.  Now on to the ‘more’ Continue reading The HORSE – and more