What the hell are the odds?

I’ve never claimed to be a brainiac mathematically minded soul, yet I can’t help but wonder what the odds are that I would happen to be in a WalMart at Rainbow and Spring Mountain (I end up there about once a year since I live on the other side of town) and first run in to Pam Jones, then as I passed the return area I spotted Abe, a poker playing gent that used to play only $5-10 7 Card Stud at the Mirage and eventually upgraded??? to Omaha, and in electronics/computers at the back of the store spy and chat with Suzie Lederer’s niece (she apparently works there), and after I cashed out and was heading out of the store I spotted Lucky (dealer at Bellagio) at the cashier. Four poker personalities that all arrived at the store – separately – and I cross their path at a given hour of the day out of the zillions of people that live in Las Vegas. Way weird man! Continue reading What the hell are the odds?

The Baby Arrived a day later

A day later than any of us would have liked…especially MOM. No, not Grandmom, MOM. She was somewhere around 24 hours in labor and then had to have minor surgery afterward. Poor MOM! But everyone’s happy, everyone’s healthy, all is good. Baby Rain weighed in at 6.5. She was born the evening of the 24th. Can’t wait to meet her but that will be a family reunion doings the way my summer is planned. Continue reading The Baby Arrived a day later

We are welcoming a new baby tonight

They’re in Oregon, I’m in Vegas. I’d love to be there but things have a way of getting in the way. I’m doing the weekly dental visits, cringing when I think of anyone – including my dentist – touching this nightmare in the front of my mouth (my youngest son says I look like a hillbilly and that should say it all), trying to get the property in Pahrump strings tied up (going out tomorrow to meet a house inspector), and gearing up for the WSOP to start. And I have a daily workload. So I’m still in Vegas. Continue reading We are welcoming a new baby tonight

Poker Around Town

I’ve heard a few tidbits of news from Wayne about the Las Vegas view of poker rooms as of late. It seems a lot of them are not putting out a massive effort to keep the games going and some are to the point of cutting back on dealers, some may close, some don’t try to restart their games once they break for the night. I asked Wayne to visit the forum and put up a post – perhaps he will. Continue reading Poker Around Town

Lunch and Poker

Marie and I had set up a lunch date at Mimi’s – one final see ya – be safe – have a great summer – and had discussed playing poker but we weren’t sure where/what/when after lunch. Wayne met us – pleasant surprise – for the food festivities and we got to visit about our buddy Mark winning a WSOP Circuit Event. And Marie and Wayne got to listen to me grouching about my three front teeth. Continue reading Lunch and Poker

Going Gadding

Tonight is an ‘End of the year/beginning of Marie and Gary getting ready to head back to Iowa for their summer escape from Las Vegas,’ part of the old Pan Game grazing and playing card parties. G&M have opted to host the shindig at their place. It’s going to be a ton of fun, not only because a few of our errant crew are back in town and will attend, but also because these people are dear to my heart. A few of us met last week (or was it the week before?) and went to Jubilee and played poker afterwards at Ballys. Continue reading Going Gadding

Back to the past – but not that past

These are some of the pictures I wanted to run of the Jennifer Harman charity event I attended. There won’t be names given – LMAO because that’s not my usual style – the reason is because I don’t have the time or energy to add names. And I don’t know a few of these people but I added them because they were on the ‘red carpet’ with the animals that need homes. Continue reading Back to the past – but not that past