Dead in the water

You’ve been on a roll – you’re picking up Aces and Kings and winning with them. Picking your spots and games – shifting gears for the curves and speeding up at the perfect time and braking for the downgrade with the skill of a veteran, cross country hauler. You’re so used to leaving the game with a win that when it turns around, you’re not sure if these are your cards or if you’re at the right card room or even if you’re awake. This could be a nightmare.

The game is rocking and rolling around you. You’re in the big blind – player “A” (in late position and new to the game) raises – the button and the small blind both call – there are three players behind you that have played every hand since you sat down and you know they’re calling. You look down to the J-9 of diamonds and call. As predicted the other three climb right into the action.
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