Heading South

amazing how fast time flies – whether you’re having fun or not!  I’m in Missoula, the beginning of my life’s path in poker, and leaving in about a half hour for Nevada.  Soon things will be semi back to normal – whatever that is – and I will have my ass glued to the monitor instead of driving and hanging out with family.  Kayanna flies home this Saturday, grannie will be kicking it in Pahrump alone until the Riot guy comes out to play and the landmates hit town for their semi-monthly stop over.  Laters.

I won’t be there

but I hope you can make it! PokerStars is the scene of the crime, ‘donkeys’ the password, $5 +$.50 is the buy-in, 21:00EST take your seat and join the mix.  The tournament # is 159377879 or look under the ‘private’ tab for PokerWorks Family.  Be THERE – July 26th!

Sign the Petition

It’s National Poker Week!  The petition will be presented to President Obama tomorrow.  Help make poker safe, regulated, and licensed.  Force the US government to accept the fact that Americans play poker.  Call your friends, enemies, and everyone you know, ask them to go to Poker Petition and sign NOW!  There are over 369,000 signatures, make it one more with yours.

Leaving Las Vegas

No suitcases full of alcohol or dark endings on this story.  Kayanna’s flight came in right on time and we spent Wednesday running…or so it seemed…to try and catch up with everything we needed to do and cram it into the alloted time space.  We managed lunch with writer extraordinaire (yes, she has a zillion articles everywhere out there – including PokerWorks – and she is heading for Washington D.C. to cover National Poker Week for Bluff Magazine-I’m so damn happy for her because she loves politics and it’s a great opportunity to help change the evil UIGEA…sign the petition, damn it!) Jennifer Newell, which was a great ending for the summer of WSOP in my eyes…although it hadn’t wrapped yet.  You can read her report here.

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Heading out for parts known

Today is the start of my working vacation.  I’m hitching up in about an hour, everything is tucked, stowed, and ready except for a few last minute ‘throw stuff in a dishpan and set it on the floor with a piece of slip stop underneath it. ‘ I have to tell you, not only is this stuff great for lining shelves, and putting between dishes to keep them from breaking, but if you’re ever going somewhere in an RV, set whatever you want on it and it’s like sticky glue.  Nothing moves on it.  The beauty of it is that when you hit your destination, just roll it up and stow it in the cabinet for the next trip.  Why the dishpan?  It keeps anything spillable from tipping over and making a mess.

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That would be just a meandering type of thought that never goes anywhere and has no bearing on life.  One of the couplas; I can’t help but wonder is why the smell of gasoline won’t leave your hands even after washing with soapy water.  What?  But the Steed is a diesel.  Yes, but the generator in the coach is gas. Continue reading couplas

8 Game is on

Sunday, the 12th…hell it’s almost the 12th from my corner of the world!  PokerStars at 21:00EST.  Choose ‘donkeys’ for the password, pony up $5.50 for the hell of it, look under the private tab and scroll down to 21:00-PokerWorks Family, or you can find it using the tournament # 159377622.  Join the fun!  Andrew needs a chatter box poker opponent, are you up for the challenge?  I need to win, this $5.50 means a lot to me, will you donate?  C U there!