All stressed out and nothing to kill!

Aw-w-w-w…just kidding. I’m really not stressed out at all. I’m about 1,000 miles in the opposite direction. I have no energy, no wish to do anything, just the desire to fold up with a bottle of wine, watch about 12 movies, and not move for the next few days but that ain’t gonna happen. I’m going to have to drag myself out of the dark that surrounds me when we ‘fall back’ in the winter. I hate it. I go to work and it’s dark, I leave work and it’s dark. Sucks! Continue reading All stressed out and nothing to kill!

What’s going on II?

*post continued*

I went back tomy seat in my game. After a few more hours, Gary came to pick up Marie and she left me in the clutches of the woman I couldn’t beat in the 6s. It was a great game, I just could never put anything together. I made one small rally about midnight. I had the chance to meet and visit with a new player on my left, Leon, what a great guy and gentle soul he is. Then the Queen of Anger Enforcement took the seat that Marie had vacated. Continue reading What’s going on II?

What’s going on?

That’s what I hear in a variety of forms from people that I cross paths with. And the answer is, “A zillion things. Quadmillions of things are happening every second,” or “Life. Life is going on.” There really are too many things to list in any one person’s life, and mine seems to cross with a lot of people. How could I possibly relate everything that happens in the scope of even a few hours, let alone the last few weeks or a month? I can’t. I occasionally direct people here, telling them they can always catch up with me if they read here, otherwise I don’t have the time to sit and tell all to a bunch of different people. And right now, I have some background to fill in, this isn’t even all the high spots because some of it isn’t to be publicly aired, but it’s what the majority of readers here will relate to so here it is…rolled into a nice little package…presented by none other than me. Continue reading What’s going on?

Calico Basin and the invisible donkeys

My Friday night sleep plans went out the window after I arrived home and found ‘call me, I need to talk’ email from people I really care about. I did. We talked until I had to go to the emergency room and have the phone surgically removed from my ear. *tiny white lie*? So a few hours later than planned, and too much on my mind, I slept like CRAP, waking up within 20 minutes of falling asleep and then dozing off and on for the next three hours. I gave up and got up at 4 a.m. Instead of planning my time, I got involved in other projects and left 20 minutes later than I should have. And I was ‘mama taxi’ for my son Dan and nephew Chad, and they were in different parts of town, and Dan insisted on Starbucks before we hit the planned meeting place with the others. Umnhhh! Continue reading Calico Basin and the invisible donkeys

Calico Basin is calling…

I have a hike planned – again – with the same group I was going to go with last week, same time, same station. Only this time it isn’t raining. YIPPEE!!! But I did manage to deal one hour before I hit the time clock and got ready to enjoy a three-day weekend. One of the dealers, Larry, asked me if I would switch places with him in the line-up since I was on the E/O Play list and would probably be out at 8 p.m. I was starting on 29 – decent spot for an all night shift – he was starting on 4. I thought about it, looked at the tables I would be going in to, hemmed and hawed, and finally said yes. It was a favor to him, not to me. I didn’t expect any problems with the games I was going in to deal, but normally, there just isn’t any $$ in them for a dealer and if I was going to work for one hour, I might as well make the most of it. So the trade was on. Of course Larry had to clear it with the Supervisor. He did. Continue reading Calico Basin is calling…

*My Penis has gone from 3.5 inches to just over 6.0 and is…*

‘0-0’ Ouch! That really must have hurt. That was the subject of one of the spams in my trash folder. I’m dying here…actually laughing my ass off at the picture it conjured up in my thoughts. Did he have a Prince Albert or an Apadravya with weights hanging off of it? And if so, how much weight did it take? Once stretched to that length, does the penis lose all of its ability to become erect? And is he advertising that he wants to try it out on MOI? Or just running advertising that I too can have a huge penis, even though I’m female, or that my guy – or you guy – can have a huge penis too? I didn’t open the email so I don’t know what the contents held, but it does lead me off on a complete laughing binge. Thanks for the laugh buddy. Continue reading *My Penis has gone from 3.5 inches to just over 6.0 and is…*

The Vytorin Blues

Out of nowhere, I go into drop dead tired, and yes, it could be the over 50 thingy but as we change over the years, it’s damn hard to tell if it’s a sign of aging, something is wrong, or are all these aches and pains and tired as hell are anormal thing that I should expect to happen? Well I don’t expect it to happen. Kee-rist! Maybe it’s just too much of everything stacking up at times and I want to escape by disappearing into the dark, lazy world of sleep. But then again cholesterol lowering medication can do all kinds of weird things to ones body…besides lowering cholesterol. I’d gladly give up the Vytorin for wine. *sob* Continue reading The Vytorin Blues

The Pan Game Plays the Stardust

The Stardust is going down. A big wrecking ball lies in its future. Demolition begins in the first quarter of 2007 to make way for Boyd Gaming’s ‘Echelon Place’ development. There you have it. That’s one way to quash a den of thieves…ok…ok…I’m just kidding about the den of thieves. But isn’t that what we’ve all heard for years? The Stardust poker games were crooked as hell and the dealers and everyone were in on it? That’s what I heard. Is it true? Umnhhh! I wouldn’t know. It’s ingrained into everyone that’s an ‘old school’ poker playerthat has played in and around Vegas over the years. Continue reading The Pan Game Plays the Stardust

The Thursday night one hour dealing gig

That one hour of dealing, that I said I would get back to on the What’s a Pennis Post, is a giggle all by itself. I started that hour by dealing the $40-80 Mixed. In general, it’s the same players. It’s kind of like playing extremely high limit, if you aren’t in the top of the field, you’re a feeder of the game because there’s not a lot of fresh money coming in…recycle those $$$. In this one, R.W. was in the 4s and managed to pull out a ‘scooper’ on the River in Hi/lo regular. His opponent was in the 5s and new to me. The 5s made some comments thatR.W. made a super draw out on the River to take all of the pot. R.W. exclaimed, “She knows who the $3 tipper is here at the table.” Continue reading The Thursday night one hour dealing gig