I bounced out of the PokerStars Sunday 1/4 million after wading through 25K players, about 200 out of the money.  Heads-up as usual, start with the best hand, but you ain’t gonna win the pot.  Same thing happened a few minutes ago in $10+1 rebuy – guaranteed 70K.  Win a pot with Q-Q and have 25K, nice, at that point the blinds were $200-400, then I pick up A-Q off in the BB and a player that’s trying to lose all of his chips every hand raises it all-in for close to 9K and I was sure I had the best hand so when it came back to me I went all-in to eliminate two other players.  That worked, they folded.  But the guy that hated his chips had K-10 off and caught a K on the river.  Down to 15K and sit. And sit. And sit.  Continue reading Frustration

If aging is the Golden Years

all the gold is in your teeth.  I spent about 5 hours of my Saturday in the Emergency Room of my local hospital.  It seemed a bit strange to walk in and say I wanted to see a Dr. since I didn’t appear to have anything wrong with me.  Good thing they can’t scan your brain and see what’s really wrong with you. I went through the sign in, got called back to the inner regions for a urine sample, personal/medical information, and got my cute little wrist band so I could go back out to the waiting room, and wait…and wait…and wait… Continue reading If aging is the Golden Years


It’s a balmy, light wind day in the desert.  I’ve now become much more of a day person as of late and start to feel the air go out of my sails by around 11pm.  I do still remember the days of being part dracula and never looking for SandWoman Land until the sun was peeping over the mountain.  I kind of miss that now and then.  I love the night. The nice part about my schedule is I have no schedule unless I have an appointment, it’s easy to revert or change my hours as long as my brain stays in gear.  Continue reading Sundaze

Shoulda Been Here

but I couldn’t seem to get here.  Ever notice how that works?  Something keeps nagging at you and you want to take care of it but all kinds of other things pop up and get in the way and before you know, more of your life has slowly leaked off like a bad tire that refuses to give up the location of the hole and yet won’t stay filled. Continue reading Shoulda Been Here

Someone stole a day from me

I spent most of yesterday figuring to get here.  The day disappeared.  I don’t know who to give blame credit to for making that entire day disappear before I knew it.  Of course there’s always the wonderful slow crawling, load like molasses satellite internet connection that really makes my day speed by as I dig my fingernails into the wall, and phone calls, and emails, and work to do, and construction going on on the property right now with the gravel road bed in the back and the front area, and a run to the store, and playing a little poker on PokerStars, and then just running out of steam to head for the hay.  Maybe that’s what happened…perhaps there was no thievery at all and yet perhaps those things are the biggest thieves of all.  Leaches, time suckers that shouldn’t take so much time but do, and each seems to draw out longer than planned until there is no planning zone, it’s just over. Continue reading Someone stole a day from me

Let us Play!!!

Yes, there is a PokerWorks HORSE tourney on Sunday the 22nd.  Yes, I will be there!  I registered yesterday.  Any others?  I miss one Sunday and the whole thing goes to hell.   I thank you Andrew for showing and registering in my absence…see you there tomorrow.  BTW, I just checked and I’m still the only degenerate registered there – Tournament #143831886, password:  donkeys.

Continue reading Let us Play!!!

The Tournament I got knocked out of

when shut down my satellite stream to a trickle is kinda sad in a way.  I probably shouldn’t have even went back to find out where I placed but I did.  I had over 5K in chips when I went into the dead zone.  There were 1014 of us and I finished in 207th place.  Then I checked to see what my last hand was…Aces…No KIDDING!  Of course you just get auto folded out of the hands when you are sitting out.   Continue reading The Tournament I got knocked out of

I’ve been fapped or splatted or

temporarily 86’d from my internet satellite usage.  PUKE!  I had no idea that was a such a nambi-pambi bitchwort since I never received any paperwork or terms or conditions, etc.  Last night I was playing 6 handed $11 buy-in tourney on PokerStars, lost my internet connection completely and could never reconnect.  At the same time I was trying to download a gigantically huge file to update my iPhone.  No, no bells went off. Continue reading I’ve been fapped or splatted or

The aftermath

I got through all the trips to Vegas and thought I was freewheeling into a relaxing kind of kicking back, work at my own pace, not have to be anywhere or do anything for awhile.  But…as life always seems to find something new…I was in a for a feel bad time.  Chalk it up to a urinary tract infection that appeared from nowhere, haven’t had one for over 35 years so it was a bit of a shocker…not to mention painful and frightening too.  Having one kidney makes me stress a bit more over anything that can affect the kidneys.  Continue reading The aftermath