Merry Christmas!

If you’ve outgrown the ‘kid’ in Christmas, please revisit your past.  In my world Christmas is lived on a daily basis, I give a gift when I see something I would really like to give to someone – any day of the year. My gifts are seldom material, except to the small children in my life, but I believe they are the best gifts one can give and receive. They are eternal. Continue reading Merry Christmas!

Dog hair amundo and dust up the ass

I do wonder how much dog hair and dust I’ve ingested in the last almost two years of Scout living with me.  I didn’t put a lot of thought into it until I happened to look across the surface of the black leather couch and sleeper ottoman when the sun hit it just right.  The dust and dog hair appeared like a beacon of frustration – it’s here for life. Continue reading Dog hair amundo and dust up the ass

Yesterday – 911 all over again

I had big plans to be here and then I ran headfirst into the bad news of the Connecticut shooting and suddenly my eyes couldn’t do anything but close.  But closing them didn’t stop the tears.  I couldn’t stand the thought of parents being called and those that heard the news leaving for the school as fast as they could while they were praying one of those kids wasn’t theirs. Continue reading Yesterday – 911 all over again