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Only the strong survive

How old is that saying?  What type of strength does it refer to?  Physical, as in the king of the jungle eats first? Health, as in you have to have the heart of a lion to be able to withstand all the cholesterol and grease in the American diet plan? Mental, as in no matter how painful life is you have to get up every day and search for a brighter tomorrow?  I missed a few but I’m done with the question and answer period for now. Continue reading Only the strong survive

Karate Don

Does he really know karate or practice it? Who the hell knows? How did he end up with that name? Who the hell knows! I’ve been dealing to Don since somewhere in mid Mirage days. He’s got a reputation as a steamer and being a bit demented. His eyes even take on that strange look at times; you know the look, the one where you expect him to detonate the entireplanet just to get one person. And if he reads here, no problemo from my side. Continue reading Karate Don

Taking a cruise through poker land

Hop in – time to take a cruise through poker land. All of the ballyhoo and shake, rattle, and roll of the last four weeks is gone. There’s even room to cruise between the tables without shoving bodies out of the way and you can hear conversation as it’s meant to be heard – without screaming. Continue reading Taking a cruise through poker land

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon – Love Matt

The room was a screamer. I opted to start on first break and the only break I knew I could get without a problem was 30B. That put me going into Table 1 and high limit for most of my night – no one really wants to deal that section. The players grumble and the tips are usually slim…sometimes none. Continue reading Ben Affleck and Matt Damon – Love Matt

Andy Beal vs. The Corporation and ‘2nd tier’ players

On the Andy side of play. He was playing Minh tonight when I came in to work. I stopped for a moment, sat down beside him in a spare chair, asked how he was doing and his reply went like this. He said he had won both Saturday and Sunday and that he was up right now. They started at $1,000-$2,000 and then moved up to $6,000-$12,000 and now were playing $10,000-$20,000. He also said that he felt he was playing a ‘2nd tier’ player and maybe that’s why he was doing so well. I left him for work and the game ran about another hour and a half. I didn’t deal it. Continue reading Andy Beal vs. The Corporation and ‘2nd tier’ players

‘yeah, she play everywhere, the Orleans, here…’

When I arrived, Andy was playing Howard L. I walked up and said hello to Andy, asked how he was doing and asked if he rested well. He stood for a moment and visited with me. Small talk. The dealer was shuffling the hand and I had just a millisecond to check out Andy, his attitude, his chips and Howard’s chips. Continue reading ‘yeah, she play everywhere, the Orleans, here…’