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The Day That Poker Came To Town

Sandy’s day started with a good morning kiss and “Hi, honey!” She married her high school sweetheart, Gary, and they were living happily ever after. Each day was filled with the events of small town affairs. Gary owned the General Store, inherited from his father and he had worked there every since high school. Sandy worked at keeping their house in order and keeping up with and fueling the town gossip, church, social events and soap operas. Life was idyllic and boring.

Then poker came to town, quietly settling in on Thursday nights in the backroom of the General Store with 3 or 4 guys in attendance. The guys played low stakes and it was just a fun social event. Poker wound its magical spell and every Thursday night soon found 10 to 15 guys ready to play.
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Once Upon a Time…

Long ago, in a far away land, a young woman named Jacqueline got up every day and milked the cow, picked vegetables from the garden, carried in wood and fired up the wood cook stove so her mother would prepare the morning meal.

Jacqueline hated the morning ritual. She hated the town she lived in, was born in, and grew up in. She spent each day dreaming of princes and castles and far away places. Anyplace away from Dullsville would do.

All the girls Jacqueline’s age were already married. Most of them had children or were expecting children. They did exactly what their parents did before them and their parents parents did before them. Ugh! That would be a fate worse than death.
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The Worst Move in Poker!

What’s the most idiotic, no brain move that a player can make in a poker game?

We aren’t going right to the answer because it would take away the suspense and the guesswork. There are a lot of stupid things that players do…some of them could be classed as smart moves – stupid things that smart players do to make you think they’re stupid or innocent blunders that new players make that experienced players think are moves. The possibilities are endless with this one but let’s move on lest we become trapped in the mental meanderings that constitute our decision making ability as we while away the hours waiting for position and playable hands.
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Is there a doctor in the house?

There’s always a need for a Dr. You never know when someone may choke…an elderly person with a heart problem might keel over…AA gets busted and a player goes ballistic…etc., etc., etc.

It’s been said the safest place to have a heart attack is in a poker room. Trained medical people, (security), are available and their response time is ‘top of the line’. It’s not as if you’re driving down a lonely road or on the free-way with no way for anyone to get to you or even know what might be going on with your medical history.
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The overview

We live in a frightful day and age – a time when our government is making excuses for presidential behavior. The behavior isn’t new or different but lies were told under oath to our nation by someone that’s supposed to have our best interest in mind. Married men and women have had affairs for years! Will it stop? No! Is it right? This writer suggests that you have to look within to decide. Would you be totally upset and unhappy with a mate that cheated on you? Wow! Usually your friends and family know . . . but in this case the whole world knows about it.
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Running Bad and Hating it!

You’ve been playing $8-$16 limit holdem for about 3 weeks. Nothing works. You look at 9-3, 7-2, Q-6, 9-4, 6-2, then repeat, repeat, repeat. If you happen to pick up a playable hand once every 2 to 3 hours, everyone else does too and a chip war breaks out, but you never get any reinforcements for your chip stacks unless you buy them because you certainly can’t win a hand.

Please don’t get into the old ‘everyone goes through that’ routine. So what…it’s happening to you right now and you’re insanity with bad cards is starting to overload your sense of reality and you’re beginning to believe that this is normal. You’d babble but no one would listen.
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Poker 101

I walked into the poker room, checked out the games in the limit I wanted to play, and found the perfect home in a game with a Live One – here after known as L.O.

The dealer calls for player’s checks and I make myself comfortable while waiting for my chips and the blind. I survey the players and most of them are dead. They are barely aware that anyone is live at the table. Hell, maybe they aren’t even breathing. It looks like I’m in the perfect spot, sitting with the L.O. two seats on my right. At least when he gets the urge to raise, if I have anything, I can re-raise and get it down to him and me.
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Zeeduk makes a change

You’ve been moving around the card rooms in Las Vegas for a few months…played at Bellagio, Excalibur, the Station Casinos, Sam’s Town, and every place else that you could get to and afford the action. You’re always hearing talk of “the old days”. No limit poker at it’s finest…the days when ranches were won and lost on the turn of a card…and you’re really yearning to see some of that action.

So what do you do? You pull out your handy time configuration unit…the one that’s strapped to your neck because you might want to escape where you are and what you’re doing in a heartbeat…and set it to the year 1954. You’ve set your geo-locater for Montana, the Northwest Section…Missoula to be exact.
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Call me daddy!

It’s business as usual…poker here, poker there, people running in from all over the world, wins/losses, stories galore…one place opens…one place closes. You just go with the flow. Oh, one important factor here, you’re a female dealer/player.

You open a new casino…high limit poker and the works…it’s not your first but you’re hoping it’ll be your last. Like maybe Ed McMahon does have your phone number after all or maybe that guy that kept sticking his knee into your thigh while you were dealing bought you a lottery ticket and will call to tell you that you’ve won the biggest jackpot in history. (Is this a total dream or what?)
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