8 game

tomorrow night.  The only thing that changes is the date, the rest of it’s the same.  Oh…one thing that changes, Clearspine is into all out bragging about his great accomplishments at the 8 Game donk-a-rama.  Easily dethroned!  Come and teach him a thing or two about the game.  Sunday, June 28th, at 21:00 EST, on PokerStars.  Look for tournament #159377083 – the password is ‘donkeys.’  The buy-in is $5+.50.   Continue reading 8 game

How things work

They don’t!  That’s about the size of it.  I hit Vegas yesterday, went to ATT (yah, another ATT story) to pick up a wireless laptop card.  Sign in and wait in line.  SWEET!  I got a USB connect card and hit the old digs to install it and get to work.  Not to worry, I immediately got connected but every time I tried to access a new web page, I got a ‘redialing’ error.

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umnhhhh, the email faucet is stuck on

No matter how many times I half clear out my new messages, bring in articles by writers, answer emails, log email items in an excel file or post or send off to a shared tracking program or put emails into their respective folders, each time I look back there are 7 to 8 new messages, it’s been that way since 5 a.m. and I’m feeling a bit defeated right now.  I simply can’t catch up.  Wish I was still tanking down wine because I’d be buried in a gallon of it right now and then it wouldn’t feel so bad.

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I love it when a plan comes together

the truth of the matter is it seldom ever does so when it does, it’s extraordinarily wonderful.  But today was really no different, it didn’t.  I had thought to be out the door and on my way to Vegas by noon.  Nope!  I left around 2pm, scooting out into the desert heat, locking up the coach and starting up the steed…wondering how we’d made it so far without it being a blistering 100+ every day so far.  Continue reading I love it when a plan comes together

Feed me some info

I had the big, all around tire replacement done on the Steed and after making a few trips into Vegas, it appears to have a shimmy somewhere around 65 to 70.  Sometimes around 30 to 40 too so I dropped in at the local tire shop yesterday that got me for a grand for new tires.  Not bitching, it’s the cost of doing business and it’s painful in the pocket book. Continue reading Feed me some info

Information is like a tidal wave

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “They treat me like a mushroom, just feed me shit and keep me in the dark,” and there are days when I relish that thought.  There’s too much out there to even begin to try and accumulate it where it’s easily accessible. And news, coupled with my own thoughts, presentations by friends, communication with the world through chats, blogs, phone, snail mail, one on one or group meetings, daily chores, work, life in general just tends to make everything come in tidal wave proportions.  I admit to being picked up by the wave and slammed into an invisible barrier that refuses to yield.  I’m overwhelmed.   Continue reading Information is like a tidal wave

PokerWorks Tournament is ON

Please take the time to stop in, chat us, even if you don’t want to play…but why not play?  The stakes are affordable $5+.50, the group is lively and fun, the games are interesting with the format we play – 8 game.  We are meeting at PokerStars at 21:00 ET on the evening of the 14th.  The password is ‘donkeys’ – look for tournament #159377448 or search under tournamet>private>PokerWorks Family.

For some reason

I just can’t get here.  A lot of it is the time factor, the minutes speed by as I try to catch them – laughing at me as they skip off over my shoulder never to be captured or seen again.  I feel like I’m in the middle of some huge life dilemma but I can’t put a finger on what it is and I can’t pick a direction.  That’s a bad thing for a Taurus to have to admit.  I still have my center, the core of what I am and what I believe in, but the life dilemma is hanging out there, waiting for me to make up my mind and make a positive move… Continue reading For some reason