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Color me skeptical and jaded

Perhaps I’ve reached the golden age of trust-no-one or it was always there. I can’t help but look for ulterior motives every time someone does a seemingly good deed, especially someone’s that are famous. And even if they don’t do a good deed, I find myself looking under the rug for the cause of their actions. I’ve had this flipping around for quite some time and a recent event brought it all back – my focus is on Daniel Negreanu. Continue reading Color me skeptical and jaded

The attack of the Phlegm Bots

HELP!  I’m under siege, there’s so much mucous in my lungs I feel like I’m drowning and can’t cough it up fast enough.  There’s a wheezy rattle going on when I breathe completely out and a wheezing rattle when I suck air…until I cough for a minute or so and dislodge some of it.  Graphically disgusting! Right? Phelgm Bots are disgusting. Continue reading The attack of the Phlegm Bots

Fun Times and Scary Ice

I got up a little before 6 a.m. on Christmas Morning to load up the food fixin’s and myself, RockBand, and amongst other things, and head for Vegas.  I made the old digs around 9 a.m. and couldn’t help but wonder what the weather would be like on the way home as the wind was in close to gale force and it was spitting intermittently.  Food fixing’s are always the first priority on holidaze because that’s why we all get together, so we can graze and gab, but we had a little time to spare. Continue reading Fun Times and Scary Ice