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Just a small pen in the hinge of life

Unparalleled brain glitches tonight.  Too many diet root beers I suppose.  I haven’t been here in days – and then the day I decided to return, something was askew with the server and I couldn’t get in. I’m not sure I can continue to blame everything on Murphy’s Law but there seems to be an uncanny connection with the way things work out. Continue reading Just a small pen in the hinge of life

Color me skeptical and jaded

Perhaps I’ve reached the golden age of trust-no-one or it was always there. I can’t help but look for ulterior motives every time someone does a seemingly good deed, especially someone’s that are famous. And even if they don’t do a good deed, I find myself looking under the rug for the cause of their actions. I’ve had this flipping around for quite some time and a recent event brought it all back – my focus is on Daniel Negreanu. Continue reading Color me skeptical and jaded

I was off and running today

not as fast as I would have liked but still, a nice steady plod in the right direction. I had to go way the hell up Sahara to the mortgage broker’s office. Wonder how much diesel I blew on that trip. Then I headed to the Rio…I know…the WSOP is in town and Linda is staying away. I called Katie Lindsay, one of PokerWorks’ writers for lunch as promised…and BTW she’s got a new gig called Suited Connections. Take a look, she’s just getting started and she’s going to be BIG in the business. Continue reading I was off and running today