A week ago

about this time, I was in super-coma mode.  Throwing up, in pain, but knowing that if I had just jumped off the gurney when they rolled me into surgery about three hours before, I wouldn’t be going through any of that.  Before we leave the subject of surgery, how do doctors keep their fingers nimble and on target when the surgical room is so cold you can hang meat in there? Continue reading A week ago

Barely Crawling

I suppose there’s a flaw in my thoughts that always makes me think I’m 20 instead of a granny that’s eligible for SS. I figured I’d have the gallbladder removal done and be up and chipper within a few days.  No…I’m not joking.  I didn’t think I’d run a marathon but I thought I’d be much more improved than the real picture is showing me…now that some of the fog is out of my head. Continue reading Barely Crawling

Still kicking but not very high

I made it out alive, throwing up as I went…yah, I hate that part.  They gave me anti-nausea medication but it didn’t help much. Even got up this morning and barfed.  Trying to sleep my way through as much of the day as I can.  In another few days I will be my onery old self. BYE for now

Just a small pen in the hinge of life

Unparalleled brain glitches tonight.  Too many diet root beers I suppose.  I haven’t been here in days – and then the day I decided to return, something was askew with the server and I couldn’t get in. I’m not sure I can continue to blame everything on Murphy’s Law but there seems to be an uncanny connection with the way things work out. Continue reading Just a small pen in the hinge of life