Mirage Special “Special Event” Update

*edit* I just received news from Donna Harris that Dennis Jackson passed away tonight. Please put the Mirage on your calendar Thursday evening. Share some poker time with your fellow players and friends and help make the tournament a success. If you don’t feel like playing, stop in and share a moment of your time.*edit*

If you’ve fallen behind in your reading, this is an update to my last post. Our own Grubby sent me the flier in PDF and .JPG format – thank you kindly, Grub! Continue reading Mirage Special “Special Event” Update

Mirage Special “Special Event”

This Thursday, 2/1/07, a special “Special Event” tournament to help one of their own, Dennis Jackson, starts at 5 p.m.at The Mirage poker room. Limit Holdem $130 buy-in with unlimited $40 rebuys during the first hour. The prize pool will award 50% to the Jackson family, 25% to the winner, 15% to 2nd place, and 10% to third place. It’s all for a great cause so be the first to show your support to Dennis in the celebrated platform we all loveā€¦POKER!If you have any questions or need more information, call 702-791-7291. Be there!

Player Behavior

Can we form an opinion about a person’s personality based on their behavior at the poker table? I say “HELL YES!” Others would argue with me and say that they know the person away from the poker table and said person never acts that way anywhere other than the poker table. Should we then conclude that said person is a perfectly normal, wonderful human being EXCEPT when their fists close around chips and their butt fills a player’s seat at a poker table? Continue reading Player Behavior

Who gives a shit?

The answer to that is always ME! No matter how many times I’ve seen a situation that was ugly or something happened that I had no control over andthe scenetried toescape my thoughts at the speed of light, some part of me dragged it back to dissect it and open it up from the inside out and try to rationalize why or how or where it was going. Once I’ve fully assessed the situation and I know it’s over and I can’t change it, my lazy side tries to sluff it off with “Who cares?”

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Every day brings a new nightmare with the UIGEA. I have been reading Roll the Bones by David G. Schwartz andI’ll admit to taking my time as I float throughtwo to three pages at a time before I have to scurry off to do other things.There are so many gambling facts and figures spread out over mankind’s known existence that it’s difficult to even begin to absorb and remember most of it. Out of all of the amazing facts and mankind’s obsession with gambling, since our beginning (or so it would seem), onefact is always pushed into our faces. CONTROL! Continue reading UIGEA – FULL GOVERNMENT CONTROL