Tuesday in Vegas

There’s been a lot of them. I made my first journey to Vegas in mid 80’s. Two of my girlfriends and I flew into town, from Montana, for three days. My trip was totally unplanned, theirs had been in the works for about a month when they tagged me and coaxed me into getting a ticket. We stayed at the Castaways, and now the Mirage covers the whole area. It was a bizarre trip. I was having an issue with the guy that I lived with – he was having a long distance affair, up close and personal though when he could bring her around or go to her (poker trips are a wonderful excuse to drop off the radar for a few days). His being unfaithful – and lying about it – and my own hurt feelings and lack of being able to walk away from him – helped me decide it was time to just get the hell out of Dodge..er…ahh…Missoula. Continue reading Tuesday in Vegas

Note to self

It’s crazy how nothing fits into any particular order anymore, there are very few jagged edges that have to be honed down to make life fit together – from my side of the street anyway. I still see those jagged edges in my kid’s and some friends lives, but in general everything just rolls right along, whether I’m ready or not, willing or not, it just keeps moving on and there’s no pattern to any of it. I find myself wondering if that’s what a time clock does for me…particular order that is. Continue reading Note to self

Couch Spuds of the World

And poker players – because poker players seem to find too many buffets and live the lifestyle of the fat and lazy, I can give you one word “WII”. Find the Nintendo WII and get into the action. While you’re dishing out all those great beats on your opponents around the world, take a break twice daily and do some boxing or baseball or golf or tennis. You can even bowl. You need very little room once you get the step and move motion down. Continue reading Couch Spuds of the World

Tomorrow’s a live poker day

I’m finally hitting the real world of poker in Vegas, going to meet Wayne and Marie for a bit of chowing down and then poker – with real dealers – in a real poker room – hopefully with other real players besides the three of us. We are going to the Tuscany, 2 p.m., if anyone wants to meet us there – that will be Wednesday. We haven’t met at the tables for a helluva long time and just hanging out will be fun. Continue reading Tomorrow’s a live poker day