I used to think that liars were…well, just plain liars.  Now I have a different thought about them and I’ve grouped them in individual categories that feel comfortable to me.  Perhaps that’s what aging does, it allows you to see behind the mask and decide whether the action is acceptable or not even if it isn’t up to certain standards.  I don’t care for lying, I just simply accept it from almost everyone I know simply because they aren’t going to tell you the GAWD AWFUL TRUTH. Please, don’t think the whole world is lumped into that statement, there are three or four people that are exempt from it. Continue reading Liars

If memory serves me correctly

I’m thinking that momparental said she was registering Riot for K-G about two weeks ago.  Yesterday I hear, via dadparental, that Riot wasn’t going to start school until next Monday – WTF?  Why is he starting a week late?  I made the trip to Vegas, picked up dadparental, we drove to the school to check and see if he was registered and dadparental wanted to get on the list for emergencies and visitations – you’d have to have followed the whole thing to figure there are issues between momparental and dadparental and Riot is the pawn that momparental wields as her favorite weapon.  Not to worry, there’s no kid registered at the school with dadparental’s last name, and yes, that’s the name on his birth certificate. Continue reading If memory serves me correctly

Like the storm waits for the wind to create it,

the poker table waits for people to make it happen.  The table sets, at times alone, at times ringed with the heat of action and players waiting to join when the heat becomes unbearable for another.  A simple construction of felt or canvas, wood and metal, drink holders, dealer’s rack, a rail, and chips, the table becomes the magnet that brings everyone together in a universal melting pot.  Continue reading Like the storm waits for the wind to create it,

The Card Fairy’s in Intensive Care

The little hateful freak isn’t there because I won big bucks but because of a strange twist of interdimensional storms in the fabric of time.  (Yes, I do  believe in the fabric of time and even wrote a book on magic and the element of time called ‘The Chapters of Time’ that I’ve never completely edited).  But back to the Card Fairy.  The little bitch got thrown off the radar beam she has on my ass and missed being able to intervene in a few hands yesterday during a tournament on PokerStarsContinue reading The Card Fairy’s in Intensive Care


Some THINGS are just ordinary type of things that we all go through all the time like breathing is repetitive…damn good thing. Then there are THINGS.  I happened to get one in the mail the other day.  It was a plain envelope with a postmark and stamp from Canada, sealed from edge to edge with no little gaps in the flap at either end.  I often think about these type of things…because that’s the way I am.  After I opened the envelope (hours later), I wonder at the person that sealed this envelope.  Did they ‘work from home’ mailing envelopes out?  Did they put a wish hex on the envelope that I would do as the contents would expect me to do because they are the evil perpetrators? Did they lick the damned envelope?  If they did, I hope they cut their tongue on the flap. Continue reading Things