Biz-z-e-e days ahead

The trip into Vegas yesterday was an ‘in and out’ and went pretty damn smooth.  I have to admit I was surprised to see the ‘M resort and Casino on I-15 to LA at the St Rose Parkway Exit.  Wheeler RV is just past that on Las Vegas BLVD, and I spent a bit of frustrated angry time out there the first year I had the coach.  The whole freeway exchange has changed…but that was in progress the last time I was out that way.  The casino surprised me. Why would it though?  Drive down a street you haven’t been on in 6 months and something has been imploded, exploded, remodeled, destroyed and razed, or a whole new structure has been born. Continue reading Biz-z-e-e days ahead

Feeding a vice

Poker, in a sense, is my vice.  My love to hate to play symptoms run hot and cold as I look at all the cards that lead to a busted bankroll.  And I’m playing right now on PokerStars in a $3.30 re-buy tourney, guaranteed 50K prize pool.  I took the add-on immediately and have now made it thru almost 4K players.  I’m in the dough, but not enough dough to be happy about.  Yah, human nature to always want the top of the ladder and the biggest pile of cash.  There are 201 players left.  I need to outlast them because I can’t outplay the bastards. Continue reading Feeding a vice

Feeding a sickness

There are a lot of things that I’ve purposely left out of Tango over the years.  Some of it is close to being too personal to write about but it has ‘shock factor’ that draws an audience and might be great for hits, yet I’m really not positive that I want to give up that kind of information about the underbelly of what goes on in my life and yet I do write about a large portion of my life here.  I’ve considered carrying two diaries – one that is here, the above the table kind of things that are easily written and portray a level above the human carnage – the other kept privately that exposes everything that I’m privy too, feel, experience, and tends to pave a direction to a better understanding of… Continue reading Feeding a sickness

It’s late

for the gal that used to stay up until 5 or 6 a.m.  It’s midnight, my butt’s dragging.  I made the trip into Vegas on Thursday to my dentist’s office to see the ‘waxing’ – that would be the way the new veneers, crowns, and magic would all go together to correct my bite.  HA!  Apparently the lab had picked them back up that a.m. because the matrix was off.  I have no idea what that means.  Oh well!  Continue reading It’s late

The Busy Bee

That’s me!  I’m off to Las Vegas tomorrow – that cuts a huge chunk out of the day.  I have a few thoughts rambling around inside the twisted arterials in my head but don’t have the time or energy to spit them out.  I’m opting out of writing tonight.   I hope everyone finds a day of peace, warm sunshine on their shoulders, loves strengthening bond, and their dreams become reality while I’m away.  Be back soon.

Shields UP!

The sun has been in control of the temperature as of late in my little section of life.  RV shops sell a nifty little foil coated bubble sheet – by the roll or however many feet you want, in two different widths – and it is the coolest of kewl for cutting to fit your windows and you don’t have to glue it or tape it in place, the foil part of it allows you to just push it into the edges and pull the blind down.  Continue reading Shields UP!

#1 – PokerWorks H.O.R.S.E.

Let’s play! The H.O.R.S.E. event is on. It starts in around 6 hours on PokerStars. Come and Play – PokerStars – The tournament begins at 21:00EST, 04/19/09, the password is ‘donkeys’. The buy-in is $5+$.50, Look for Tourneys > Private > Pokerworks Family HORSE or search tournament #143832841.

We’re all twisted, right?

When Greg and Amy came out to visit me last week and we dined at the Winery, we spoke of numerous things, the business that Amy is in, and the business that Greg and I are in.  Some of it turned to the mind, what keeps us in places or puts us in places in our lives and why we find it all so fascinating.  We were on the subject of poker and the mental game and I said that was what kept me fascinated with poker all these years, the people and the mind game. Continue reading We’re all twisted, right?

Another balmy day

here in the wind capital of the world.  It’s gusting nicely, barely at ripple mode in comparison to some of the wind that has hit, but still there.  Two days ago the wind hit out of nowhere, like a freak storm that blustered and snorted and then it rained for about an hour.  The wind stopped.  The rain came again late in the night, and the wind dried it all out the following day. Continue reading Another balmy day

Has it really been

22 years since I drove to Las Vegas, walked into the Golden Nugget, and applied to deal the last Grand Prix Tournament hosted there?  I chatted with Frank Cutrona and Jimmy Knight, Jimmy was the day shift supervisor, and he sent me to the dealer’s box to audition.  He got called away and had a full time dealer watch me deal a few hands of Omaha 8.  When I got out of the box, he called me over and showed me how to put up the flop Vegas style.  Hell…I was from Montana where the ‘splat’ – ‘spread’em out’ was ok. Continue reading Has it really been