HORSE Tourney, New Years, and on with 2009

I don’t have a gigantically long, chatter box filled HORSE report.  Mainly because we had two tables and I would have to have someone at the other table request the full history of their table – which means I would be able to see their hole cards during the whole play of the tournament (And this ain’t Poker on TV), and I did try to keep up with chat at both tables in jumping into the foray now and then but we did had 11 players.  Yes, ELEVEN!  Sweet! Continue reading HORSE Tourney, New Years, and on with 2009

Fun Times and Scary Ice

I got up a little before 6 a.m. on Christmas Morning to load up the food fixin’s and myself, RockBand, and amongst other things, and head for Vegas.  I made the old digs around 9 a.m. and couldn’t help but wonder what the weather would be like on the way home as the wind was in close to gale force and it was spitting intermittently.  Food fixing’s are always the first priority on holidaze because that’s why we all get together, so we can graze and gab, but we had a little time to spare. Continue reading Fun Times and Scary Ice

Merry Christmas

Obviously Christmas began as the day of birth of Jesus Christ, a time to rejoice in the birth of a Savior.

Its entire meaning has become more and more tarnished since the 60’s and 70’s.  There was a time that people handcrafted items and put their heart, sometimes their back, their love, and their pride into spending time with family and friends and exchanging something more than a gift.  They exchanged life with each other – life filled with joyous wishes for the day and for the coming years, gave thanks, and celebrated the birth of life.  Continue reading Merry Christmas

Why Poker?

Win!  that is my main concern and objective, WIN!  it has now become a monumental mind game, I am trying to understand if I am defeating myself, or if I am truly being outplayed in all areas of the game.  Although I find it difficult to believe that when I raise preflop and end up with one caller who either re-raises me with 6-3, or 2-4 when I am holding A-K and they put all of their tournament life in jeopardy with such a superior hand piece of shit how they can continue to hit an out and beat me time after time after time.  Continue reading Why Poker?

The Results of the PokerWorks HORSE Tourney

Better late than never, eh?  Kind of funny how things all hit at once, like the Bloggers coming to town and racing home from two days of that to play in the PokerWorks HORSE tourney, and wanting to whine about the way poker’s still treating me.  It sucks.  I’ve been on the longest dead run of cards that I ever remember being on.  And I’ve been playing in the WBCOOP – every day except yesterday.  I have to tell you it’s a bit freaking scary when I raise the pot to 700 in chips with blinds at 15-30 and get reraised 800 more all-in only to find the raiser is climbing in with 2-4 and hits a deuce to take me out.  I keep wondering WTF is really going on.  Ah…well…back to the PokerWorks HORSE. Continue reading The Results of the PokerWorks HORSE Tourney

Wedding Day – Poker Bloggers Unite

“We’re goin’ to the chapel and we’re gonna get mar-r-r-i-e-d…”  So it was to be for Gracie and Sweet Pablo.  Yours truly was still feeling pretty much like shit – as referenced in the last post – and I wish it was a hangover because then I would have a reason to feel that way.  I woke up on the 13th, knowing it was my sweet Kayanna’s 12th birthday and sent out a few phone calls and a text message to Gracie asking what the plan was.  She replied to meet at the taxi stand at the front of the MGM at noon or the courthouse at 12:30.  Continue reading Wedding Day – Poker Bloggers Unite


Starting the update, means pictures taking forever, but all it costs is my time, so here goes. I made it to the Blogger meet at the MGM for mixed games on Friday night.  I have to tell you before hand that I’ve spent the last month or so feeling pretty much like shit and it was amplified during the time I was in Vegas so while I enjoyed all the time I had with everyone, I admit to not being quite up to par. I went through the casino to the restrooms when I hit the MGM and spotted Falstaff and his sis Betty playing some ring-ding slot game.  We visited for a moment before I headed on…ultimate goal, the poker room. Continue reading Bloggers