Three weeks out

Let’s get the bad news out of the way.  I’m a little over three weeks out from having surgery and the ‘massive hematoma’ is still a massive irritant in my life.  It’s still draining, bright, red blood.  She-ite!  I had an appointment last week with my surgeon.  He’s convinced that my body will heal itself.  I am convincing myself of the same thing because I couldn’t stand to go in and have another surgery right now…at least not for a year or so.  FK! Continue reading Three weeks out

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone a day filled with great company and the sharing of food and laughter.  I didn’t kill a turkey but I am going to take a big bite of one later today at my sis’s place.  The food will be superb and those that come to join in are all friendly.  May the same be at your table today.

Cold here in the desert

I’m headed to Las Vegas in the next few hours to do a follow-up with my surgeon after going back to the hospital for a coupla days.  That may not make sense.  I was actually scheduled for a 3-month checkup after having my pal Foley removed almost two weeks ago. But when I checked into ER and an abdominal hematoma was discovered, I spent 2 days in the hospital undergoing more tests, blah, blah, blah. This follow-up is a follow-up to that. Continue reading Cold here in the desert

Bagged and Tagged

It’s been a crazy time this last few weeks.  I feel like all I’ve done is follow up on Dr. tasks and things that should have been easy but have been extremely frustrating instead.  It takes a bunch of tasks to come together to make everything slide into home.  Finally, after breaking down at one point and crying my eyes out at the Pahrump hospital where I was trying to get approval for an EKG, and more frustration coupled with more frustration, it’s all set…I hope. Continue reading Bagged and Tagged