WSOP Steam Blog

All in all, my time spent at the Rio has been good.  The media section I’ve chosen to homestead is great and I’ve had no problem with reclaiming my space each time I return…I usually get here earlier than everyone else does so I’m alone a lot of the first few hours.  Today when I arrived, the security lady inside the Amazon room told me I couldn’t come in until 2 p.m.  Really?  I left it at that and went to find someone in the higher-ups of the Media world.  I found Seth Palansky.   Within a few minutes I was unloading my computer case and setting up. Continue reading WSOP Steam Blog

The PokerWorks Family HORSE Tourney

is on for Sunday, May 30th, at 22:30ET.  The usual deal, the password is ‘donkeys’ and the buy in is $5 + .50.  We are playing at Full Tilt Poker and do hope you will join us.  Everyone is welcome to play.  You can search for tournament 162427100, or go to tournaments-private-mixed games-HORSE-low will get you there too.  Hope you can make it!

Back with WSOP news and pictures tomorrow, but tonight this page belongs to the HORSE Tourney invite.

Hello Amazon Room

Settling in at the WSOP for the 50K Champion’s Tournament that will start in about half an hour.  I have no idea how much energy I will have or for how long.  The last few days have been extremely hectic.  Settling my place in Pahrump for my part-time absence took a little longer than I would have liked on Tuesday, and the drive into Vegas, stopping for a visit with two of my boys, picking up Super Mario Galaxy II that I had reserved at Game Stop, some food from a sandwich shop, a teensy bit of food shopping, collecting Marie from The Venetian Omaha 8 or Better game she was in, hitting her digs and getting my extended security pass, taking her back to the Venetian, settling into her spare digs and setting up my PC, rolling out my clothes, and other miscellany left me with the energy of road kill. Continue reading Hello Amazon Room

World Team Poker and me – Part II

I managed to sleep like hell for what was left of the night after the Fremont Street Experience decided the rest of downtown Las Vegas had experienced enough brain concussion booming for the night.  Part I is here. I was up around 7 a.m. and did a little work before going down to the coffee shop.  Robert “Chip Burner” Turner was there having brekkie with a coupla guys and gave me a hearty “Good morning, how are you?” Continue reading World Team Poker and me – Part II

World Team Poker and me

My last post set the stage for the fact that I was going, and I was receiving a free package for round trip plane tickets, two nights at the Golden Nugget, tickets to the press party, and tickets to the show of World Team Poker.  How did I get this great deal?  I registered on their website and was their grand prize winner. Marie was going with me to the events but first I had to check-in and then call Charity to let her know I was there.  She was going to meet me at Rush Tower Registration after I ran an errand.  I left the Steed with valet (ugh…I hate that part.  I never valet unless I absolutely have to and in this case, their self parking garage wasn’t quite the height I would like so it was valet time), and went in to register, got that out of the way and found my room on the 19th floor, a Rush Tower Junior Suite. Continue reading World Team Poker and me

Off and Running to World Team Poker

OK, driving to Las Vegas tomorrow.  I’ll be there for two days and nights, safely tucked into the insanity of the poker world.  Doncha love it?  Yeah Baby!  I went to the World Team Poker website a few weeks ago and registered.  Hells Bells, I won something!  I am entitled to two free nights at the Golden Nugget, the press party and tickets to the event that happens on Wednesday.  I do have to tell you THAT I AM EXCITED ABOUT IT! Continue reading Off and Running to World Team Poker

Ramblin’ on – next episode

RIP 128 Hyman Pl, Las Vegas NV.  All that river rock, yard work, fantastic feng shui gone, down the eternal toilet of life.  Flush…whoops, there goes thousands of dollars and 11 years of my life.  A-h-h-h-h-h-h well, it’s not the first ending in my life that had a lot of entrails and trauma headaches attached to it – but no tears on this one.  I’m just happy it’s over. Continue reading Ramblin’ on – next episode

Rambling on

Back to the night I headed into Vegas to see The G, I made the Golden Nugget and asked where to find the doubles championship, lo and behold, it was at the same place that Suzie and Howard Lederer’s Boys and Girls Club Charity Tournament was held the night of the WSOB.  Only all the doors were closed with ‘no admittance’ signs plastered on them.  I went through the only one that looked accessible and stepped into a darkened mass of tables, curtains, equipment…and a few people.  One guy (I think his name is Bob) asked if he could help me and I told him I was looking for Tony G. Continue reading Rambling on