A few notables

Someone graciously left me an anonymous link to a TwoPlusTwo post on my last post. For the first time in years, I posted on another forum other than the PokerWorks Forum. I guess I just don’t get out much anymore, since the days of the shredding, ripping, idiot rants on RGP and a few other sites, I don’t have the energy or desire to visit and read. Too many of them are bashing, name calling sessions – and I get trashed for using names? Oh well, everyone’s got their own issues. And no, kids, although you are welcome to believe what you want, I did not get reprimanded, talked to, suspended, put on leave, or fired for that post. If I had, I would have visited an attorney 🙂 and been blogging my ass off about it. Continue reading A few notables

Looking for a little slice of desert

I have a project running with my truck driving sis. It’s taking up a bit of my time right now and of course the reward will be some land and a permanent home for the coach. I’ve been ‘over the hump to Pahrump’ three times this last week. Almost all of the places in Pahrump are modulars on an acre +…not all, but most. Looking at a lot of the places really slaps me with the reality of why the term ‘trailer trash’ came about. Holy SHIT! Talk about trash and trashy…they are all out there. Continue reading Looking for a little slice of desert

From Last to First

I’m a tad bit late on posting. What’s new? I’m always a tad bit late it seems. Rather than try to catch up from back when, I’ll start from my most important point – Sunday, the 27th, my bests little Super Mario Galaxy and Spiderman Friend or Foe playing pal celebrated his fourth year of life. We went to Peter Piper Pizza for some????? Obviously pizza and other grease drenched things that pass for food, kids galore, and sprinkle in a few parents to watch. What a great time! Continue reading From Last to First

Brandi Hawbaker – a victim of life

I can’t say that I’m extremely surprised at the news that Brandi took her own life. I can say that I’m extremely saddened by all of it. I met Brandi on December 31st, 2006, at Howard and Suzie’s New Year’s Eve party. I guess I didn’t really meet her, she sort of made sure she got into a few pictures I took. After I put up the post on the New Year’s Eve party, I saw her at Bellagio. She was very friendly and told me that a friend of hers had sent her the link. Continue reading Brandi Hawbaker – a victim of life

The trucking queen

She is a queen in all definitions of the word royalty, she’s kewl and clean, and can be mean, moody and NOT, tart and sweet, a cornucopia of laughter and good times, a shoulder to cry on, a basket filled with ideas and inventions, industrious, a mother, a grandmother, a wonderful friend and my sis. WOW! Did I get lucky or what? We’ve come a long way together and she’s the one that started me down the Poker Road a million or so years ago. Happy Birthday, SIS!


What the hell kind of boots are those? I keep getting spammed about the best buy on UGG boots. I haven’t tried to find out if they are real – who the hell cares with a name like that and since they are coming in as spam, which I hate, it makes me more so not want to find out about them…even if they are the kewlest of kewl, and the hottest thing on the market. They are branded as far as I’m concerned with GTF outta here. Continue reading UGG

The Real Deal

Today I’m heading out for the original poker treat, the feel of the green felt, the sound of chips being shuffled, watching the dealer’s personality as I watch the players go through their routine, and staring at the same tickets that I’ve stared at a million times over the years. The Palms poker room will be poker stop after I meet Marie, Gordon, and Carole for lunch at Macaroni Grill. Continue reading The Real Deal