Today appears gloomy

looking out from my windows, the sky is dark and overcast, but my thoughts are filled with happy, happy, and a zest for life.  I went for a long desert walk yesterday at midday, it was cool but the sun was out intermittently.  Today I’m supposed to walk with Amy, whether she ventures out or not, I will still go.  Desert walking is a gentle, cleansing bath for the soul. Perhaps that’s part of the ‘happy, happy’ that’s running around inside me.

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PokerStars shooting for a new record

It’s 8pm PT and there are only 80360 players registered for the 300k gtd World Record $1 buy-in tourney that starts in 15 hours and 29 minutes.  Wow!  Go figure!  There’s no late Registration kids, better get in while the getting is good.  And you receive a certificate from Guinness World Records that you played the tourney this time.  I’d much rather have the $50K or so 1st prize, it has a prize pool right now at $300,000.00.  Be there or feel left out. Continue reading PokerStars shooting for a new record

The days of Christmas

past or present, Christmas represents many things to many different people.  My belief leads me to thinking – and feeling – that one must try to preserve peace and unity in ones self and strive for that special, warm and cozy fluff one gets from giving on Christmas to spreading it out over the other 364 days of the year.  But to everyone that feels Christmas must be reserved for the 25th of December, Merry Christmas, and to the rest of those that don’t, Merry Days!

No breathing room

yeah, there’s plenty of air.  I just can’t seem to find a spot to move that leaves me time to complete the jumble going on in my brain.  I have the boy, his Riotness, in my company since Saturday afternoon.  I had posted that momparental changed the game plan of my picking him up on Friday, etc., etc., etc.  Not to worry, the game plan got changed again.  I thought I was going to pick him up on Sunday, that would leave Saturday open to go to the celebration of life for Gordon Long – and allow me time to visit Aria later that evening.  Slap your face for making plans Linda! I got the text at 1 p.m. could I pick up Riot like NOW and take him?  OK.  I did.  No Aria, that’s another time. Continue reading No breathing room

A bloggery weekend in Vegas

Two days ago I started resizing and ‘de-red eyeing’ the pictures taken at the WPBT event held at Caesars Palace on the 12th, it took F-O-R-E-V-E-R.  Yesterday I started uploading to the PokerWorks server, that was a real time eating bitch too slice of pie that I did intermittently between reading and sending emails, editing articles for PokerWorks and a few other sites that my team supplies articles to for PokerNews LTD.  BTW, have I ever publicly stated what a great writing team I work with?  They are the best!!!! Continue reading A bloggery weekend in Vegas