Tomorrow will be my last Springfield walk for awhile

It’s been a real blast.  I’ve enjoyed every minute of my escape from the desert heat and where I was mentally when my plane left the runway in Las Vegas.  Some things cannot be explained, and some shouldn’t have to be, but certain things have started to come to a head that may be lead to a clearing point and bring more sunshine into some of our lives.  That particular part of my last few weeks is reserved and may be aired at another time…or not. Continue reading Tomorrow will be my last Springfield walk for awhile

Walking in Springfield

Oregon that is.  I left Vegas on Monday afternoon where the temperature was a moderate 114, and boarded Allegiant Air for Eugene Oregon.  Amazingly, it never ceases to amaze me anyway, I got to my boarding area early and took a seat, made a few phone calls, and looked up to see Mori Eskandani about 20 feet away. We visited for a few before boarding. I don’t know what the chances are of crossing paths with someone that you know, on a random day, in Las Vegas are, especially since you aren’t frequenting an area on a daily basis, but an occasional one in a zillion hit/miss type of things.

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Thinking of Heading Home

Just thinking…I do want to go. The time at home will be short simply because the flight out to Oregon is the 19th. I may have my star border from the time I return until sometime after school starts – that would be Riot. WOW! Will that be an adjustment – mentally, physically, and emotionally – if it works that way. But that’s a ways away, right now I’m still in Vegas with another six days of WSOP looking at me. Continue reading Thinking of Heading Home

The importance of knowing when you’re not important…and when you are

Too many times in life – no matter what category we fit it into, be it work, socialite functions, fame/infamous publicity, or any number of spotlight events – we get caught up in our own existence and formulate an idea of self that usually makes us feel we are separate, isolated, even smug because we elevate ourselves to a level that makes us feel we’re better than everyone else. Continue reading The importance of knowing when you’re not important…and when you are

Fireworks for the mind!

The 4th of July is too often celebrated for all the wrong reasons; fireworks and parties are the usual hallmark that stand out in everyone’s thoughts.  We get so caught up in things that we can’t separate the daily stream of life flooding in from all corners of the globe and concentrate on what is important.  What is the most important today is that you drive safely if you’re traveling, you remember what the 4th of July really signifies, you reflect on what you have and all you can accomplish because you live in the land of the free.  Happy 4th of July!