mainly mine. I have stayed almost completely out of casinos since my last foray in to finalize my retiring from Bellagio’s elite poker dealing crew. I really can’t stand the thought of going into the poker room and hanging out – to play poker or visit. What happened? Is there some post live poker hijinx that opens a black hole in my head when I consider going in and playing live at Bellagio? Continue reading Attitude

Countrywide pays off

The amazing story continues. I got a check in the mail yesterday for the amount I billed them for my time. But I just got a statement that was mailed out on the 18th of this month telling me that I’m late on payments and owe a late fee. How long does it take this stuff to catch up in updating? Misty, the kind person that has been handling my case, has sent me a follow up that she’s made my account current. But overall, I’m a bit in awe that they paid me. Posting from the iPhone.

Countrywide update and a bit more

A follow up on my correspondence with Countrywide, Misty – from the office of the president – called me yesterday. A check is being issued for the bill I sent them (incorporated in the registered letter I sent), and should be on its way soon, along with a follow-up letter of all of my correspondence with Misty. Truthfully? I never expected them to pay me for my time, let alone actually call me back and follow up. If anything, I figured to get a ‘I’m sorry’ ending and it would go by the wayside unless I elected to push it further…and I would have. It is very refreshing. Continue reading Countrywide update and a bit more

You have to see this

I won’t have time to do a post today – baby Katie Rae is coming to see granny for a few hours and there are a lot of things still left undone in my life, like my damn taxes. *cracks whip at self* Glenda and I were exchanging ‘funnies’ that we’ve received in forwarded emails (only ones that we thought were really funny and please don’t start sending me forwards – I HATE THEM) and she sent me this link. This is really incredible and is worth more than reading a few words from me today. Go Here – enjoy!


I don’t know why. The question keeps running through my head, “What is wrong with you?” The part that should answer, can’t. I don’t know. I’ve sworn more in the last 24 hours than I have in six months. The small things – like a bottle that should easily take its twist off cap in a reverse rotation to reseat the cap, won’t…and I want to go off on a swearing rage over it. Or I touch something and it falls over, another swearing rage. Continue reading ANGER!!!

I’m mental

I went to my dentist today to see about a cure for the aging jaw moving forward your teeth are under a lot of stress thingey. I came home to find my whole RV park cordoned off with police cars everywhere. I made it through a parking lot behind the office to my little section of pie and went inside. I didn’t want to know what was going on out there. There were way too many yellow lines of plastic wrapped across every area that one would think about walking, let alone driving, for me to even consider that it wasn’t something dreadfully serious. Continue reading I’m mental

It’s happened

I’ve turned into a grouchy bitch. I was just a bitch, now I’m grouchy. After fading the crap about my insurance on Wed. at my Dr.’s office and having to reset the appointment, (it’s tomorrow BTW – Saturday), that whole ordeal irritated the hell right out of me. Make it a point to fast for a cholesterol blood test, (and be tested for the HIV, Hepatitis nightmare) wake up earlier than I would like, drive across town – do these people know that diesel is $3.69 a gallon? And then they don’t want to mess with me unless I pay cash, which I would if they would refund it all when they got their insurance payment…but who wants to count on anyone for that? Not me! Continue reading It’s happened