And the beat goes on….

One has to wonder how many poker players can fit into any one area that hosts poker in this city. Looking at Bellagio’s Poker Room, the last few days, tenders the question, where is the WSOP actually being held? The big game hasn’t been up and running the last few nights, but all the players that make that room happen are in all of the events at the WSOP. Every other table in the room is running at max speed, with a list for each game that runs off the page. Continue reading And the beat goes on….

The WSOP has a seat for me

This is a shorty – to be followed by, hopefully, a longy. I played the PokerWorks/TitanPoker free roll and went out so fast I almost didn’t know I got dealt in. Damn it! It was for a seat in the ‘big one’. I hope to have more news on that free roll later because I ‘sweated’ a long time friend, Than, as he fought his way to 8th (I believe) place and then went bust. *sniff* I so wished he’d win if I didn’t. Continue reading The WSOP has a seat for me


Funny, I’ve been called a killer when I’m dealing – along with a variety of other names – but for the first time in my life, I actually thought I was going to kill someone. No, it’s not even close to what you might be thinking. No rage, no premeditated stuff, just simple death. I was cruising down Tropicana in the Silver Steed, 45-50 MPH, in the inside lane of three lanes. The light changed to yellow about 30 yards in front of me. No…there’s no way to stop and I wasn’t even close to a red light and the speed limit is 45 mph. Continue reading Killer!

Respond now or give up your rights!

The federal effort to ban online gambling has cleared another hurdle and within the next 10 days the House of Representatives will be voting on H.R. 4777, The Internet Gaming Prohibition Act. It is essential that your member of Congress know that you oppose this legislation. We have posted an updated letter that you can send TODAY by going to this page. It is critical that Congress hears from you before this vote! Continue reading Respond now or give up your rights!

“BE” the wine

That’s exactly where I am. I’ve concentrated on ‘being’ the wine, and I am. I’m an aromatically, gorgeous, deep red color right now and it’s quite toasty. Hey, I did go in to work tonight. I did sign up to play. I was on ‘hold’ for the first half hour and then out to play. Play I did. I only waited for an hour to win my first pot and I’m grateful that it was only an hour. But then I just had this little intermittent run of good cards that made big hands and I stacked up chips. I was in a $4-8H game. Continue reading “BE” the wine