Great Poker Promotions – and life

PokerWorks is partnered with PokerNews and that means  our readers qualify for the same promotions and bonus deals found at PokerNews.  Right now there are two fantastic deals going on at two of our favorite poker sites that are so big, if you play online poker you don’t want to miss them.  If you don’t play online poker, what the hell is wrong with you? Continue reading Great Poker Promotions – and life

Spike is back!

I minced around cutting my hair in the post before last – it wasn’t something that just hit my thoughts, it’s been ongoing for quite some time.  Long hair is beautiful (obviously when it’s healthy and mine was) and always in the way if you wear it down or you have to continually tie it up, pull it up, or wear it as I did the last 3 to 4 years which was pulled up in a knot on top of my head with a bandanna – to keep the short hair that is always growing in – off of my nose and out of my eyes.  I seldom ever wore it down over the last few years – it almost gave me a headache with it flying around the sides of my face and blocking my vision. Continue reading Spike is back!

Cashing out at Full Tilt Poker

NOT!  I’ve only put small amounts of money into online poker over the years, and the only site that I cashed from numerous times was Party Poker back in the good old days.  I have one big flaw in my poker play that keeps me from cashing out.  It doesn’t take a lengthy explanation – it’s my game choice.  I like to play tournaments.  I’ve never felt committed to grinding, like playing multiple low buy-in SNGs all day long, normally opting for the gigantic donkey filled fields that mean you have to fight your way down through thousands of runners to even score a mere pittance over your buy-in.  Continue reading Cashing out at Full Tilt Poker

Cleaning out the old

boxes filled with old letters and pictures and notes of this and that – the things you save for sentimental reasons or because someday down the road you hope your kids will find some of your life interesting as they look back over an old tattered envelope that your dad threw from a train as it was going through the town your mom (and you – obviously) lived in while he was in the service but the train wasn’t stopping there and someone found the envelope with the note in it and gave said envelope to your mom and now it has carried a lock of your baby hair in it for 60 some years; along with other bits and pieces of your life that aren’t important to anyone but you. Continue reading Cleaning out the old

Get your feed bags off…

Get to the starting gate for hell’s sake…the Daily Dollar is about to begin – that’s how I felt about four hours ago.  It’s Friday night and only 15,459 runners donkeys showed up.  Don’t get your feet tangled or throw a shoe because you’re sure to be trampled in the mad race if you do.  And watch out for those that throw a shoe – be ready to duck and dodge all the insanity that makes the race what it is….A FRIGGING DONK FEST!  But that’s why they are so much fun, they cost a buck, you can get lucky enough to outrun some of them, and occasionally draw out, although it’s hard to draw out when you start with a real hand vs. their feed bag leftovers. I’m still in at two tables.

Continue reading Get your feed bags off…

Little miss goodbehavior

I think I’m boring.  I never go out into the craziness of the world any more – like flinging money recklessly into a machine that never pays out or gets too much to eat, or sit down in a live poker game, or even go into a casino environment.  After spending 35 years with a daily diet of people going off their rocker (me too), it now seems a bit bizarre to think about how quiet my life is…to a degree.  It’s really been quiet now that my Dan has gone off to Phoenix. Continue reading Little miss goodbehavior

Poker and life

They seem to go hand in hand, but there are variables in each.  Lying in life is not a good thing and sometimes will cost you more than you know – in poker it’s OK, and expected.  Stealing can get you killed or put in jail or in serious jeopardy in life – but again, in poker it’s OK, and expected.  There are other differences too.  You can actually buy someone out of a car or a property or a contract…in online poker you ain’t buying anyone out of anything.  Ah-h-h…enough of that. Continue reading Poker and life