How much is enough?

Consider the following and please don’t ever tell anyone that these stories might be true – even though they probably are.

One night Sam Sham gets off work at Caesar’s Palace and decides to go to the Horseshoe with a couple of his buddies. They are planning on cashing their checks and gambling, having a few drinks, maybe some food and then heading for home.
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Romeo, Romeo, give it a rest, Romeo

To attain a full understanding of the tale about to unfold, you must first picture yourself as an attractive female that holds down a position as a poker dealer. For some of you this will be impossible so why not skip this article and go to another one. For those of you that have an appreciation for all walks of life – read on.

It’s 9:00 p.m. and you’ve just started your shift in a small town that has 24 hour poker. There isn’t a dress code as in black and whites so you’ve chosen a filmy, lavender blouse with a lace camisole underneath and a black, knee length skirt with black heels. You could possibly be mistaken for someone’s date but remember that you’re seated at the poker table waiting for your evening players to come in.

A guy that looks like he crawled out of the nearest dumpster – matted hair, grungy attire, unwashed and scary – comes stumbling through the door on his way to the bar. He takes one look at you, stops and states, “If I can sell this watch, I’m taking you to dinner!”
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