Meeting Jason and Gavin, the pleasure’s all mine!

I met Jason and Gavin. Jason would make a great member of any team that requires enthusiasm and support. Gavin wasn’t quite as excited…well he doesn’t read Table Tango. Maybe that would be the reason.

We spent a few minutes of my break visiting about poker in general, the pros, the limits, the games, dealing, and I was even asked for my autograph. Fun! Jason had a deck of cards and picked out the Queen of Hearts for my signature. (That’s what I am in Fortune Telling Tools, the Queen of Hearts…interesting that he picked it too.) I signed the Queen of Diamonds for his friend, Mark.

Gavin complimented me on my attitude and people skills…I had dealt to him the last few nights and he noted that a lot of the dealers were jaded and unhappy. God! Is he right on the mark or what?

They talked about their game at home and how difficult it is to deal it since they don’t know a lot of the rules. They were giving dealers a pat on the back for their skills and knowledge. Nice to hear, usually we hear the opposite.

Jason gave me a monetary tip…for all the great reading he’s having from my site…I took it. Hey, that’s the nature of the biz.

Did he bust out of the Friday’s at Five while I was dealing? OUCH!

Perhaps the Porters can deal?

People are falling off the walls of the room, clinging to the ceilings, stacked under the tables and chairs, and still they come, hour after hour, looking for a seat in a game. We had 29 tables rocking and rolling and would have had more except we didn’t have enough dealers to man the ones that were running. One of our Chip Runners, Robin, dealt during part of the shift and the word is that we’re going to put in 10 more tables…how possible? Maybe the Porters can deal… Continue reading Perhaps the Porters can deal?

Friday, January 23, 2004

I’m currently shopping for ‘blogging’ software – I found some. Only problem is that I have to upgrade my server account to handle the software. More money to host this site. Tears! Big sobs! I know it would be so much easier for all of my loyal readers to see if I’ve posted, if I do the upgrade…but it’s a downgrade for my wallet and another learning curve. So little time…not enough cash…I’m still checking. If anyone comes up with any other solution, please let me know. Continue reading Friday, January 23, 2004

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

January 14, 2004. Slacker…me that is. No energy or thought for writing, even though there are things to write about. Monday night I started at the tail end of the room, Table 27, that’s the end because in dealing lingo, you won’t see a bright spot for hours. High Limit had my name written all over it. The room was fairly quiet and the game on Table 1 was so noisy, everyone in the room could hear the hooting and uproar up there. Continue reading Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Friday, January 09, 2004

Picture Lemmings, on their way to someplace, anywhere in the universe and that will give you an idea of the state of the poker room. Truly, the war of the microphones was up and raging for hours. At times the rush of sound would’ve knocked over a person with hearing problems as the microphones tried to beat each other into extinction.

It was my Friday, I’d signed up to play and E/O…like I was first…never got there. People kept coming through the door, hour after hour, standing in lines to get on lists and it was almost frightening. Hey, we only have 30 tables…

I dealt two of the Friday’s at 5 Tables. They were fun. The players were in a ‘ramble/gamble’ mode and no one acted as if they would sleep on the street if they didn’t win. Love these kind of people. This tournament has turned into a big event, great turn out and lots of interest.

I drifted through $20-$40 and $40-$80 7 card stud, $15-$30 and $30-$60 Holdem, no pain, no problems, no anguish.

The one table that stands out over all of them was an $80-$160, Must Move Holdem game on Table 21. When I sat down, it was four handed with one walker. A stranger in the 1s, 2s – Ritchie W., 5s – Sam G., 7s – walking, 9s – name unknown but someone that’s played at Bellagio for the last month or so.

Sam was in rare form. His appearance was different than the norm. He had a short, Don Johnson kind of beard…only picture it graying. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen him like this, even from the Mirage days…totally out of character. He asked for a Time pass.

I called Nate, our swing shift supervisor and asked him for a time pass. Nate said something like this, ‘absolutely not. The game started before midnight and no time was taken so they’ve played for over a half hour for free and have to pay time…’

Sam argued. Nate replied, “If it’s one player, take time,” as he walked away.

I can’t help but laugh here. Sam did a “That’s the stupidest, fucking statement I’ve ever heard. You’ve made stupid statements, Linda, but you’ve never said anything that fucking stupid.”

The rant went on and on. He said the world was crazy…it wasn’t him.

I had the idiot smile pasted on my face. A couple of young guys were standing, watching the game and getting a huge kick out of Sam and his attitude. Sam continued with, “If it’s just me sitting here, Linda, you have to take time from me.”

The game went on…Sam rambling and slamming everyone…

The 1s chuckled with me. He said, “I’m really glad you’re here.”

I replied, “I’m really glad you’re here. Imagine what it’s like when I’m here alone, without someone like you in the game.”

He enjoyed the hell out of that statement.

He won a small pot with some crap hand and Sam threw in, “I’d give the dealer $20 if I won with that hand.”

The 1s ignored Sam and I asked the 1s where he was from, “Orange County.”

Sam and the 1s went to war. The 1s won the hand with Q-3 Off, making two pair on the Turn and a Full House on the River…he did give me $20 for a tip. Woo hoooo!

Sam didn’t say much. His audience was still there, watching every move.

Ritchie had to go to the main game. The 1s was told he had to move to when his blind came. He told me he didn’t really understand it and he wanted to stay with me, he was leaving for the Bahamas in a few hours and did I want to go with him…I said, “Sure I do.”

He went to the main game and left me anyway…ahhh…life as a poker dealer. His name is Tony and he was fun…while it lasted.

That left Sam and the 9s. They weren’t going to play heads up but along came Lee…always noisy…always disruptive…should get a life…but wait – there’s a poker game going on!

The three of them decided they would play Deuce to 7, triple draw.

Sam did a, ‘I can beat you to death, you have no options but to lose to me,’ kind of rant.

Carmen came over to load the missing player’s chips into racks and Sam started in on her…’the player that was missing must be one of the stars. Carmen reminded him of a star, Clark Gable without the moustache’.

Carmen said she didn’t see the connection. Sam said I (as in me the dealer) was laughing at what he said. Carmen picked up Sam’s drink. Sam went ballistic, “She’s drinking my drink, come on, Dealer….tell her she can’t do that!”

Now I was laughing. Carmen walked away.

The rest of my down was spent listening to how bad Sam was going to beat the two players left at the table. He brought up the fact that Carmen had taken a drink of his drink and she was crazy.

I asked him what he was drinking because if it was alcohol, maybe she needed a drink. He agreed.

He changed his tune, stating that he was crazy and it wasn’t the world. I pointed out to him that he had stated differently a short time before.

It all made sense at the time…as I listened to Sam try to finesse the 9s into staking him in a stud game in L.A.

Someone drifted by and made a comment to Sam, Sam’s reply was, “Yeah, I’m down here and they’re up there.”

My last down was a $4-$8 Holdem game. Two of the players were the audience for Sam and Table 21. The long and short of it was that I talked almost all the way through this down. They were all receptive, fun, and wanted to know about the players in the high limit…I yakked.

When I left the game and gave them a card for the address to here…my home…they said I had to mention the fun, warm, wonderful, enjoyable guys from Canada…so be it!!! They were.