Tuesday Blues

Maybe not the blues, maybe just bitchy…grouching around type of Tuesday. I’ve felt kinda grumpy all day and can’t put a finger on why. It’s possible it’s because the wind has been raging all day, one of my most unfavorite things. And it isn’t slowing down. I’m not sure how there’s any dirt left on the ground the way it’s carrying on. And those poor trees I just dug up and replanted are still where I put them but only God knows how. The coach has been in rock and roll mode for hours now and I don’t think it’s going to calm down anytime soon. Ugh!
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It’s another one of those

you know, daze.  I survived the visit to the Dr. the other day, and felt like I had a visit that was very worthwhile in trying to wade through some questions I have on BP medication, etc.  I like that guy.  He talked to me.  Blood work tomorrow early a.m. to check my sugar level, cholesterol, etc…you know, the yearly thing.  Trying some new stuff, as of now, waiting to see if insurance will share even a part of new cholesterol medication…bastard insurance companies.  All’s well in the desert though.  If I break into a million pieces and get carried away by the wind, none of it matters anyway.  If I stay intact and live to be 150, none of it matters anyway.  It’s just a nanosecond in the breath of time.

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Some Daze

are just that…daze that blend into another day that have nothing to make them monumental or extreme…just daze.

I run between no energy to do anything to wanting to tackle the world in 3 1/2 seconds and make everything work as it should.  I don’t win – no matter the way chosen.  Even on no energy daze I’ve been extremely busy.  I have a monumental planting job ahead of me.  And I’m not even sure if the trees/shrubs or whatever the hell they are will live (I think they are a Leyland Cypress…definitely some type of cypress).  They are going to go, one way or the other, since sis doesn’t want them in her the front yard.  Continue reading Some Daze

Sub zero energy

I’ve thought about being here.  That sums it up pretty well.  I’ve thought about it but not taken a slice of time out of the daze to get here.  Some days I leap through and barely know they were there, others are like a quagmire of molasses and drag forever but not much is accomplished.  Today is a day to be somewhere but I thought I’d stop here and make some noise into the echoing emptiness of cyber. Continue reading Sub zero energy