Worlds come and go

but mine stays fairly constant.  Always busy and never a day where there’s nothing to do is how my forward moving view stands.  I often wonder about people that can sit endlessly surfing the TV channels, or just go off to visit with friends for hours, or say, “I’m bored.  There’s nothing to do.”  My instant thought is ‘how possible?’ Continue reading Worlds come and go

Crazy Daze at home

Spending your time out in the sticks would appear to be one of relatively quiet days with nothing but the wind  going on and the quail and doves chirping at each other as they try to kick the others ass off of the bird block.  The birds are squabbling with each other but there’s  always more going on than that.   I went out to throw garbage in the can and smelled propane a week ago.  Yummy! That’s a smell that makes you want to go somewhere else for a lot of reasons. Continue reading Crazy Daze at home

The WSOP November Nine and Home on the Horizon

Today I head for home. I will be so happy to be there once again, staring out the window at the finches on the sock, the quail and doves running around on the ground picking up anything the wrens and finches knock down for them, and trying to get MOI into some regular pattern again with exercise and work. Continue reading The WSOP November Nine and Home on the Horizon

Vegas and the November Nine

I hit Vegas on Thursday and Friday.  Thursday was for a custody hearing on the Rioteer.  I’m pleased that Riot will now spend equal time with both his parents; perhaps they can all act their age and things will improve.  On Friday I came in to get settled at Gary and Marie’s place and get ready for the WSOP November Nine extravaganza.  I also met Jennifer Newell on Friday for late lunch at the Gold Coast and that’s where I ran into her and AlCantHang at the bar.  We talked about a variety of things and the subject went to body piercings after I showed Jennifer my inner Conch opal barbell piercings.  Ah-h-h-h-h…well…you would have to be there! Continue reading Vegas and the November Nine

The cast of characters in Montana

Realizing that many of these people are still alive and kicking and those that have passed on can’t come back to bite me in the ass, I will still relate the Montana Poker Tales to the best of my memory.  If anyone out there, living or dead, or living dead, or dead while they are living disagrees, simple leave me a comment.  This is, after all, my story and I can tell it however I want but hearing your side of it would be great for my poker memory archive. 🙂 Continue reading The cast of characters in Montana