Happy New Year

If 2013 was a bad year, shoot the bastard out into space and forget it, build your new year starting now and focus on the way you want it to be. Short and to the point, happy new year to everyone. I’ll be back next year. 🙂

It’s almost Christmas

I’m not sure it matters one way or the other, Christmas that is.  If you celebrate the birth of Christ – on Christmas – all I can say is “Go for it!”  I hate the insanity that rolls in with the holiday season, some people are depressed while others are stressed, a few are happy but I’d put that in the under 10 category.

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The Blogger’s Tournament

The blogger’s tournament was at Aria on Saturday.  It was my first live tournament in a number of years and it made me very aware of how hard it is to sit for long periods of time at the poker table.  My neck hurt, my shoulders weren’t very happy, and my legs were cramped from the foot rail that runs completely around the bottom of the table.  Let’s face it, I’m getting old-er, and any time I’m confined to a seat for a long period of time, my body isn’t ready to cooperate. Continue reading The Blogger’s Tournament