Barry Tanenbaum has left the game

Unfortunately for us Barry Tanenbaum won’t be back to grace a poker table with his always cheerful demeanor and clean, whole attitude about the game of poker.  His last post on his website was in July 2009. Linda Johnson’s tribute to Barry is only a small picture of how much he meant to the poker world. The statement ‘the poker world’ may seem trivial to some but that is how we experience people when we are ‘in the game’ and those memories stick forever.

I knew Barry from dealing to both him and his wife, but not personally away from the table.  All I can say is we need more players like him.  RIP Barry.

China Ranch Date Farm and Tecopa

We were up and out of the house at 9 a.m. and on our way – we were in California within a few minutes (Yah, I live that close) and out over the scab lands and terrain that leads to Death Valley if we turned right and Tecopa if we turned left.  When we hit the festival about 5 vendors in a parking lot of a hot springs resort that is quiet and unsophisticated was all there was to the whole production.  There’s an office/art gallery of sorts and a ‘Bistro’ behind it in the parking lot too. Continue reading China Ranch Date Farm and Tecopa