Jammin’ with Larry!

As good luck would have it, I had the pleasure of jumping into a game with Larry again. He’s just a ton of fun to play with. It’s possible that if he faded the green felt every day, day in and day out for a few years, he might not be as much fun but at this point, all of my experiences with him at the table have been better than enjoyable. I sat down in the 6s, looked at two hands, the 3s opened and I moved. I like the end seats because I have a better view of the table and sometimes a little more stretch room because I can turn my chair to one side and stretch my legs out for a moment…there’s never enough room at the tables anyway. Continue reading Jammin’ with Larry!

Poker and the holidays

In all the years past, that I’ve dealt in Vegas, the week between Christmas to New Years has rocked with visitors in the casino and in the poker rooms, with the exception of 2001. There is no reason to explain 2001, everyone knows the sick horror that gripped us all as we watched history carve a hole in our thoughts and hearts. This year is another little history maker but in a different respect. Yes, there is a lot of activity in the casinos and Bellagio’s poker room is busy, but with empty tables. Continue reading Poker and the holidays

Spiderman unmasked

We all know that Tobey Maguire isn’t the real Spiderman, but I’ve often wondered who really is. Who is that marvelous man capable of swinging through neighborhoods on a friendly little bit of webbing that can also turn into handcuffs and bondage for those hoodlums that are stalking the innocent?Wonder of all wonders, he needed a break from his crime fighting life and showed up to spend a day with my family as we celebrated the holidays with too much food. Continue reading Spiderman unmasked

Merry Christmas!

There are 2,850,000 images that come up when you Google images using the word Christmas. That’s a helluva lot a ways to say Merry Christmas. I wish you all of them and more. My thoughts on Christmas always come down to this: Give your greatest gifts all year long, for some of us Christmas will never come again. Open your hearts, not your wallet, and cherish the small gifts and tokens of appreciation that you receive in a smile, a kind word, and a helping hand. Be kind, but mostly to yourself, because you are deserving of kindness and love, and in finding that you are worthwhile, you find a lot of things around you that are really worthwhile too. Have the best year ever…and never lose your ‘happy thoughts’.

This and That about That

‘That’ would entail everything that has been going on since my fellow bloggers left town. That was over a week ago and I’m just catching up on current events. I have night pictures of Bellagio’s Conservatory that will go up soon – I will also take early a.m. shots when natural light is streaming through the skylight but they may not be as impressive as the night shots. All I do is wake up, work on the computer, answer emails, chat here and there with someone about/on the website, take my daily walk, shower, and head for Bellagio so I can sign the E/O Play list. *Why doesn’t she just quit? Psst! Rumor has it that she hasn’t managed to scrape all of the dust off of the shelves and get everything organized enough financially to just cut and run.* Besides, I love Bellagio! It’s my home. And I have some of my best fun just kicking chips around in the $4-8H games there. Perfect examples would be: Continue reading This and That about That