What a blow job!

It’s a wind complaint, it has been unbearable again.  Sis says the weather across the US has been horrible with wind, rain, snow, and the spin repeats mile after mile.  She must be getting close to a million miles by now on her trekking back and forth across the US for the last three years.  You may think it’s impossible but with a driving team, it’s very possible.  They never stop for long. Continue reading What a blow job!

Poker with Passion

I thought that would get your attention.  I haven’t even been playing poker, either it’s a time thing or a “don’t feel like it” type of thing.  Hence this little kid could never do it for a living, it’s got to be fun or I have to be on a vendetta with the Card Fairy to prove I can win for me to be playing a lot.  The PokerWorks Family HORSE tourney will kick off this Sunday at Full Tilt Poker, same particulars as last time but a post will announce the whole thing in the next day or so. Continue reading Poker with Passion

Are you DEAD while you are living?

I ponder that question.  Perhaps too often over the last 10 years of my young life I’ve wondered if we are really dead, trying to get to life that should happen somewhere – probably in the ever after.  I’m not a fan of religion as most of society lives it today.  That is a wrong statement because society doesn’t ‘live’ it, most pretend to follow the ethics laid out by religion when they know others are aware or watching. I have long believed in God, not God that standards that you must go to church, and you must obey all the rules set forth or you will burn eternally damned and in hellfire. Continue reading Are you DEAD while you are living?

The Manhole Cover – Take with three doses of life and sleep it off!

Let this be the first post of ‘The Open Manhole’ category and let it be known that it may or may not be true, that it may be the lost wanderings of a deranged mind or the lost, deranged mind has achieved this level due to the insane actions of people that come into the daily life of the writer.  Names will be changed but tales will be told.  If you don’t like the tale, and you feel it pertains to you, then change your life and actions to a more pleasing ‘life performance’ and the trend of writing will gradually change as your actions change. As in all things, perception is only the view of the person on stage; it could be distorted or twisted or it could be very factual, without prejudice.  Take The Open Manhole as you wish…or leave it.  Either way works quite well for the writer. Continue reading The Manhole Cover – Take with three doses of life and sleep it off!

Damn, the voice still suffers

The croaking frog still lives in my vocal chords.  I choose not to try to scream at the mouth piece to use Dragon Naturally Speaking right now.  So…this may not be too long since my typing skills are weak at best.  Imagine, in high school I typed 117 words a minute on a manual typewriter during a speed test.  My regular speed was 95 wpm.  Now I probably hit about 75 words a minute when I’m sailing…but the thumb/wrist still isn’t in the mood to sail.  My fingers have a lot of flexibility, it’s just the angle of the wrist can be a pain – and the wrist below the thumb is not happy at times.  You’re sick of hearing about my ills?  Not nearly as sick as I am of having them! Continue reading Damn, the voice still suffers

PokerWorks Family Tourney is on

We want you!  Be there!  This is our very first one at Full Tilt Poker.  It starts at 22:30ET on March 14th – a Sunday (that’s tomorrow kids) – play the inaugural PokerWorks Family HORSE tourney.  It costs $5 + .50, the password is ‘donkeys’ and you can find it by going to ‘tournament’ > ‘private’ > ‘PokerWorks Family’ or by searching tournament id #145123245.  MiniFTOPS is running too… Continue reading PokerWorks Family Tourney is on

Something’s Askew Somewhere

I had a rant post that I wanted to put up, lo and behold, extreme laryngitis set in yesterday afternoon and was turned up to the max all day today.  The hand/wrist is still tender enough that typing for long periods isn’t good, but how does one use Dragon Naturally Speaking when they can’t speak?  Kee-Rist!  I hope for better days tomorrow.

A bit of babbling

It’s only 9 PM, but it feels like it should be 3 AM to me right now. I expect to be in Las Vegas by about 7 AM tomorrow. That’s really scary, it means I have to be up by about 5 AM and on the road by 5:30. It’s time to take the Silver Steed in for a maintenance checkup and some work. Of course it’s going to be costly… what the hell else would one expect? And of course it’s going to cost me a few hours of sleep. I don’t even know why sleep is coming into the picture right now because I sleep in such weird patterns at times that I’m up at five on some mornings anyway – but the fact that I have to get up and be out all day is the part that bothers me the most. Continue reading A bit of babbling