Let’s go Tripping

Great news! My boy Josh and his youngest daughter are in Vegas! My boy Darian will bring them out to me tomorrow, and once again I will have all of my boys  together, Love it!

Josh and Darian are going to a tattoo convention this week and Miss Rain will stay with me. This is a real bunch of fun and almost like a test. Rain is a shy little flower and doesn’t warm up to people…including me because we rarely see each other or have any interaction. Rain did get a phone and I’ve gotten a few texts and pictures. Crossing my fingers that she doesn’t miss Mom and Dad so much that she’s weepy and sad.  I have the week off so I hope to find some entertaining things to do.

I spent a few minutes on the phone today with a lady that has a small group that wants to learn to play poker. They may know the basics but I have no idea how much they do know so I think it’s going to be a blast. I have to drive for two hours to get to them, they are going to be by Scotty’s Castle in Death Valley.  Not sure what the place is that we will meet but I have a feeling it’s a hall or clubhouse of some sort. They will pay me for my time and trip.  Possibly two different dates but one for sure.  Isn’t it great how poker brings people together.

I open the Nugget Poker Room tomorrow and have to be there by 9:30 AM…this is difficult for a night owl. No matter how many times I’ve gotten up early the last eight years, I still feel the best and am much more active when the sun goes down. The biggest downside to Saturday is there is nothing to do for the first 3-4 hours because the game won’t crank up until around 2:00. Another dealer comes in at 12:00 and that does break up the monotony. Tomorrow is also usually Omaha Hi/Lo, it’s either really busy or a really slow game.